Wheat free: what I eat & update

A little over a week ago, I told you about my endeavors to try to eat more carbs, but cut out wheat. If you don’t know what I’m talking about than please feel free to read that post here. Since I’ve been on this diet for 10 days now I thought I’d give a bit of an update on where I stand now and show you some of the meals that I have been eating during that time.

I can be very quick about my update: I’ve been doing good with the ‘sticking to the diet’ thing. The first 5 days were easy breezy: no stomachaches, no discomfort, everything went fine. And then I had bread almost all weekend and on top I ate some other things which I now think, I maybe shouldn’t have had. In other words, while I’m typing this I’m still, or rather, yet again, experiencing stomachaches and nausea,. Luckily it’s not bad enough to keep me up at night. So I now know that I still shouldn’t eat fibre rich foods such as bread a few days in a row, whether they contain wheat yes or no. Still a bad idea. On a more positive note: I do have more energy and find it easier to withstand cravings. I’m gonna hang in there for a few more weeks (at least until Easter) to really judge how I’m doing.

Here are some of the meals I’ve had in the past 10 days.


1.) yoghurt, kiwi fruit, honey & home made breakfast cereal

2.) Home made cereal: chopped almonds & hazelnuts with popped amaranth

3.) Protein fruit shake: milk, protein powder, strawberry, kiwi fruit, mango, vanilla extract, handful of assorted nuts

4.) Late breakfast: omelet with cream cheese & ham


1.) Spelt bread with apple syrup & raspberry/ chocolate protein shake

2.) Salad: spinach, feta cheese, walnuts, tangerine, red bell pepper

3.) Salad: spinach, cucumber, tomato, walnuts

4.) Salad: lettuce, carrot, cucumber yellow bell pepper, young gouda cheese and corned beef

This isn’t everything I had for lunch. I usually take yoghurt with me to work once a week, as it is more convenient than a salad sometimes. Last week I decided to also bring something extra to put into the yoghurt: I packed some raisins, cinnamon & flax seeds and honey and had that as lunch as well.


1.) Roasted rosemary sweet potato & dille marinated grilled salmon

There aren’t that many dinner meals as I wasn’t home over the weekend. I tend to eat eggs or my lunch salad for dinner if I don’t have time to cook or when need be. Or I go for something makeshift. For instance, once I had bread with cream cheese & cucumber, 2 boiled eggs and 2 plums. I have also had sushi, risotto, some more bread and just some red beets for dinner as well.


1.) Rice cakes: plain or with some honey

2.) Smoothies: this one is kiwi fruit/ banana and smaller than the ones I have for lunch/ breakfast.

3.) Apple + peanut butter

4.) Fruit: bananas, plums, dried fruits have all been there on the go or I’ve somehow put them in my meals.

5.) Just a generous scoop of peanut butter. Straight from the jar. Yum!

As you can see, I haven’t had to change that much from the low carb diet I’ve been eating for the past year. Only difference is that I now add cereal into my yoghurt, add protein to my smoothies and eat some bread and rice. I’m gonna try having pasta next! But then my stomach has to settle down first.

What have you been eating?

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  1. I just got back into eating more healthy. So I’ve been eating lots of melon (gives me that sweetness I crave but is very healthy) and some dried fruits. My meals are now smaller.
    I need to go shopping for some more healthy food soon – I love some fish, and veggies that I can make into soup. Plus I tend to eat a lot of chicken.
    I also buy the mini reeses peanut buttercups, I find because they’re in individual wrappers, I’ll only eat one or two.

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