Music of the Moment (April 2013 #1)

This time I have a varied batch of new songs for you. There’s a bit of chillwave (as per usual of course), some electro, a top 40 song (SHOCK!!), some indie pop, and some deep house. Enjoy your Tuesday!

Daughter – Youth

Cute-sy song at the start but adds some more drums about halfway through making this song darker and raw. These indiepoppers have just released their debut album and it’s being raved about quite a bit so I will have to get my hands on it soon and give it a proper listen since this song isn’t a newie.

Example – Perfect Replacement

Anyone up for some UK rap with dancy dubsteppy beats? I caught this song on VH1 or MTV Brand New the other day and actually danced along right away. Not too fond of the vocals on this track, but hey Example started off his career as a rapper, not a singer from what I know so all is forgiven.

Adventure club – Need Your Heart ft. Kai (Minnesota Remix)

Break beats and lounge vibes = chillwave with a bit of spunk. On the longish side at almost seven and a half minutes. But it is seven and a half minutes of perfection. Added bonus: if you go to the soundcloud page of this song you’ll be able to find it as a free download.

Foxygen – No Destruction

Any of you into 60s music with a modern twist? Then you’ll be liking this! I just purchased Foxygen’s album and am totally in love with the retro Beatles meets Rolling Stones meets Bob Dylan vibe of it. This song has all that too. It is the lead single and a minor hit right now.

Gingy – Iron & Water

I’ve decided to dub this type of song deep house, but I could be totally wrong there. This track starts with a thumbing, in your face bassline, which flows into some awesome repetitiveness. In the middle it adds these loopy overlays after which it throws you off with a wicked rhythm change. Eight thumping minutes of subconscious bliss!

Loot & Plunder – Thinkin Bout Your Body (Cousin Culo Edit)

Slow and loungy, I loved this song the minute I heard it. The rhythm patterns are interesting and once some bass guitar is added it’s actually funky. Or should I say groovy? Again up for a free download, so grab it while you can.

I hope you enjoyed these tunes and I will put some more MOTM up next week. Cheers!

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