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Time for another personal note! It seems that people are enjoying these little peeks into my life and into me, so I would like to continue doing them. Leave me a comment below and let me know which tag you would like to see me do next. For now, enjoy your Thursday: only one more day until the weekend! Now on to the tag.

Which people in your environment make you happy?

Everyone who’s close to me always makes me happy. But I am also one of those people who loves meeting new people and gaining interesting insights from them. Be it students, colleagues or new acquaintances. I’m simply a people’s person. So in a way: people make me happy. πŸ™‚

What make up product makes you happy?

A rad eyeshadow palette. I literally could not contain my joy when I got my hands on the Urban Decay Vice Palette last winter, or the 15th anniversary palette the year before, or any of my Sleek palettes, or gathering some monos and turning them into my own palette. Eyeshadow is simply my favorite make up product and I can’t get enough of it. A gorgeous eyeshadow palette, whether it is neutrals, colors, pastels or mattes: my heart always starts beating a little bit faster. Especially once I get my hands on the prettiness and can actually start using it.

Which movie(s) make you happy?

Animated movies are very high on the list here. I adore the feel good vibe of most of them, even though some of them are quite sad sometimes as well. It really depends on the movie. My favorites are Finding Nemo, Despicable Me and The Sword in the Stone. 500 Days of Summer will do that for me in a live action movie. I’m not one for romcom (or comedy) for that matter and I generally dislike feel good girlie movies. There is one exception though: if I feel a little down and out I simply watch Legally Blonde and forget about everything.

What music makes you happy?

You want a list? Music makes me happy. Period. Even a sad song can put a smile on my face, given the right mood and moment. That’s the beauty of music to me. Depending on how you’re feeling, music will always be there to underscore or contradict your mood. Ultimate happy songs include: Django Django – Default, Pete & The Pirates – Come to the Bar, Toro Y Moi – New Beat, Marvin Gaye – Ain’t That Peculiar, Bobby Hebb – Sunny, Hall & Oates – You Make My Dreams Come True. Google them: you won’t regret it.

What food(s) makes you happy?

Again, food in general makes me happy. I love food. I love experimenting with food and trying new things. If it wouldn’t be so bad for my waistline I would probably be eating all day haha. My favorite food is sushi, but what makes me happiest is chocolate. If you want to give me a true treat all you need is to buy a good piece of chocolate and I’m a happy bunny.

Which moment(s) make you happy?

Reaching mile stones in my life (such as graduating or getting a new job), but also every day things make me happy. I can enjoy the sun shining into my room, having a seat on the train, or nailing a recipe. I’m probably happiest when I just cleaned my house and everything is neat and fresh. I’m also one of those people who sleeps best in a freshly made bed, with clean, unslept sheets and a fresh set of pjs and then knowing that you can sleep in the day after: ultimate bliss. Other moments make me more proud than happy, like seeing students succeed at things they find difficult and struggled with before. My ultimate happy moments are those where you know you can talk to someone for hours and you both have nowhere else to go. That’s why I can’t wait for it to be summer as that’s when the most spontaneous and random meetings of this kind happen for me.

Which hobby makes you happy?

I have so many hobbies that it often makes me dizzy. But there is one hobby that I cannot live without: dancing. You can take everything away from me, but if I can’t dance anymore, I would seriously become depressed. If I don’t dance, I’ll eventually start doing it anyway. It makes me feel free and I am often surprised at myself that I can do the things I do. Plus it keeps me sane as it allows me to not thing of anything for a while and just be one with the music and move. That, to me, is the best feeling in the world.

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    • Je mag de tag best overnemen en hem op je eigen blogje doen. πŸ˜‰ Daar zijn tags voor en als je er vrolijk van wordt: why not! Muziek is gewoon mijn lifeline en ik weet dat ik niet de enige ben.

      • O jeetje, mijn “blog” komt tevoorschijn als ik een comment plaats? Ik was ‘m zelf helemaal vergeten, aangezien ik ‘m alleen had aangemaakt om engels te oefenen (helaas ben ik niet zo’n kei) maar er dus helemaal niets meer mee heb gedaan /schaam.

      • Oh ik had niet gekeken maar er kwam wel een blog naam in mijn zoekbalk te staan toen ik er met mijn muis toevallig op ging staan ;-). Ennuh Engels oefenen? Vertel!

  1. Loooooove getting eyeshadow palettes! I don’t care if I tested them in a store, I can wait to swatch them again at home and use them!

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