10 guilty pleasures

You know those moments when you think: this is so bad that it is actually good? Well, 2 years ago I already informed of 5 of my main guilty pleasures: my love for all things sweet, 90s music, action flicks, shoes and make up. If you’ve been following this space then you know that that still holds true, but of course these aren’t the only things and I also think I could be a tad more specific. So here goes nothing.

1.) The Drifters – Saturday Night at the Movies

As much as I hate cheesy movies, that how much I love cheesy songs. Hence my love for 90s music I’m sure. But in that category, the cheesiest of the cheese to me are 1950s and 1960s doowop songs. This early form of R&B could also be dubbed the Boyz II Men (love them too!) of the Rock N Roll era and The Drifters especially were at the top of their game. Great vocals, catchy melody lines, and the most romantic lyrics are what makes these songs. Add a good dose of naivety in the deliverance and you’re set for setting sail on cloud number 9.

2.) Vegging out on the couch

… underneath two blankets while watching bad TV (TLC anyone?) and eating something I shouldn’t be eating. I don’t care how warm it is outside, when I decide to barricade myself on my couch for the evening or the afternoon, I simply bundle up as much as I can. I have a pile of pillows lying in one corner so I can lie down while sitting upright enough so I can drink or eat something. Foods to enjoy while doing this: Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Chew Chew or Chocolate Fudge ice cream, a bowl of M&Ms or Bolognese chips. What to watch: my favorite TV series, a Twilight or Harry Potter marathon, or Legally Blonde & 500 Days of Summer.

3.) Buying something you know you won’t be able to wear for  some months to come

I usually do this with clothes and shoes. I buy them, but then it takes ages, usually due to the weather, until I can wear it. I have a tendency to stock up on winter items in August and spring items in January. It can take months before the weather changes so I can wear that cozy knit sweater or that awesome pair of peep toe pumps. Then again, shopping is a ‘thing’ for me, so by the time I wear everything I buy the season is pretty much over anyway.

4.) Sleeping in

I love to sleep. If it were acceptable to sleep for a living I possibly could and would. My bed is super comfy and I tend to need quite a bit of sleep to function anyway. Eight hours seems to be the minimum for me, but if I can I like to take more. Much more. I especially love sleeping in if I have just changed the sheets on my bed, am wearing fresh PJs and just got out of the shower. That prospect = heaven. (And yes, that’s me sleeping in that picture, courtesy of my mom).

5.) Animated movies

This is a fairly general category but yes I’m one of those adults who watches, buys and rewatches animated movies over and over again. Not just those I used to watch as a child, but also the newer ones. My favorites are Finding Nemo (I speak whale!), Monsters Inc, Despicable Me (It’s so fluffy!) and The Sword in the Stone. I have quite a few on DVD and I love how funny and cute they are.

6.) Eating peanut butter from the jar

It’s probably a guilty pleasure because my mother told me you can’t eat anything straight from the jar when I was little, but oh man. This. Is. So. Good. I tend to eat it as a snack: when I’m feeling peckish and I need a bit of a pick me up. All I do is grab a spoon and my jar of peanut butter and I have some scoops. I tend to go through a jar a week all by myself. I don’t just eat it as a snack, but also smear it on rice cakes, chuck it into smoothies and protein shakes and even use it in baking.

7.) Buying fashion magazines

If there is one thing a girl should not read it’s fashion or beauty magazines. Photoshop heavy and uber skinny models are only there to set bad examples of how you shouldn’t do things and the clothes are always too expensive and inaccessible. I tell myself they are great for inspiration, but my problem is that I can go months without buying them and then suddenly I have this urge and then I buy like 5 in one month. The only problem is that all those magazines will feature roughly the same material as that’s what’s ‘in’ at that moment. It usually adds nothing new and the tips and tricks section is usually lousy. So much for inspiration huh? And then to think I am actually subscribed to Elle magazine as of this month.

8.) Starbucks Caramel Cream Frappucino

It’s getting warmer, which means it’s frappucino time! My favorites are from Starbucks (what else is new) and my favorite one is the Caramel Cream Frappucino. Filled to the brim with nothing but bad calories this drink is the ultimate guilty pleasure with whipped cream on top. But it’s oh so delicious! And here’s the best part: I know travel to and from stations which both have a Starbucks. Come summer it is going to be so hard to contain myself, because this stuff is better than ice cream. I’ll just tell myself that it won’t be so bad if I get a skinny…

9.) Having some wine

I don’t tend to drink a whole lot of alcohol. Never have, never will. I do like to have the occasional class of red wine but these past few years that hasn’t always worked out very well for me. In fact I have gotten very very sick after having drunk 4 glasses of wine some years ago. Thankfully that hasn’t happened anymore, but I do get nauseous most of the time. Yet still I drink it. I simply love it too much sometimes to not drink it. I am willing to pay that price once in a while.

10.) Trying on all my dresses

You know those times you get bored? Well what I do to fight that isn’t curling up on the couch with a book, or looking up cat memes. No, I open up my wardrobe and start trying on all of my dresses. Yep all of them. In my opinion, I look best in a dress. My pear shaped body wasn’t made for pants and so I have plenty of dresses to keep me entertained (last time I counted, I nearly hit 50). I usually end up trying one I just bought, or one I haven’t worn in a long time. Next thing you know I take them all out of my closet and start putting them on one by one.

What are your guilty pleasures?

9 responses to “10 guilty pleasures”

  1. Playing facebook games, lying on the sofa watching tv (yes, TLC is a favorite), eating a bag of crisps all by myself, spending hours looking at old pics of Leiden, have a cheesy disco music hour (or highschool nineties music, or both), taking a nice warm bath, buying cute plush animals (pink flamingos!) or other cute stuff, sleeping in & not getting dressed until very late in the day 😉

  2. TLC! So many of their shows are so bad, but I love watching them for some pure laidback entertainment. Eating peanut butter out of the jar is something I’ll probably never do though; I do like PB, but it’s so sticky and nutty and leaves my mouth so dry (need milk!) that I won’t consider eating it by itself for fun, but knock yourself out 😉
    My guilty pleasure is sleeping in till noon, not getting dressed, and not leaving the house all day. Lazy days are amazing.

  3. we have way more in common than our names, our work and the shoe addiction! hahah Those are more or less my guilty pleasures too… 😉 I can also add trying on my heels too… I just love opening every shoebox and trying every heel on for hours! hahaha 😀

  4. I love Saturday Night at the Movies, it’s a song I grew up with (my parents are older).

    Guilty pleasures – if I’m not going out, I stay in my PJs usually. Chocolate covered pretzels and afternoon naps.

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