Music of the Moment (April 2013 #2)

I have a new favorite song!! And while discovering that I of course found some more gems. Most of these I only just discovered, so I can’t say too much about them yet. All I know is that these popped up on my shuffle list and they stood out from the rest. Since that’s how most music ends up on my radar, I thought that would be a nice tool for the selection criteria this time.

Cloud Cult – Complicated Creation

And here it is: my new favorite song. This has been on repeat for a few days now. It makes me insanely happy. The first time I heard it I literally started jumping through my room. It’s catchy, it’s fun, and can I say I love the lyrics? I usually don’t do this, but I love this song so much that I’m pasting them here (taken from their official website):

I called up the moon for a little consultation.
Yes, you know that I’m a happy man, but something in me is burning.
I gotta push it, push it out,
So much frustration.

The moon called me back
And said “I’ll give you some advice: You gotta live a little lighter,
You gotta breathe a little deeper
You gotta suck it, suck it in.
There’s your medication.”

If you pray to God for rain,
don’t you complain about the lightning.
If your asking for directions,
don’t you moan about the distance.
Must you lose it, lose it all?
To find your appreciation.

If you rid of all your baggage you will likely float away.
But you can’t know beauty if you don’t know pain
Gotta feel it, feel it all.
There’s your medication

You know you are as small as the things you let annoy you.
And you know you are gigantic as the things that you adore.
Some days you give thanks.
Some days you give the finger.
It’s a complicated creation.

Fallulah – Out of It

Great upbeat song but what drew me in with this one is her voice. It’s very pleasant to listen to which fits the song nicely. It reminds me a bit of Florence & the Machine but without the drama. In any case this is some great indie pop.

Slava – Werk

Who’s in for some old school house? Well it’s not that old school actually. This song is brand new, but I’m loving the 90s throwback in here. Fusing old fashioned 90s house elements with break beats keeps this song fresh and worth a listen.

FKJ – Lying Together

You know I cannot do one of these posts without including some nice chillwave for those laidback evenings and lazy summer days! So that’s exactly what I’m doing. Loving the sound of rain clattering away in the background. Plus it comes with a free download on soundcloud.

Rhye – The Fall (Maurice Fulton Alt Mix)

Elektro isn’t something I listen to often as I can find it quite cold and static, but this song is a nice exception. The reason: this song comes with a funked out bassline and esotheric vocals and picks up and builds up alongs the way, turning it into a disco song that seems to have been transported from the 70s.

Black Milk – In Lak’ech

A short but sweet song. Sounds like something Radiohead could have made if they would have chosen to go instrumental at some point in time. But it might as easily have been used as music for some whacked out action movie trailer. Another plus: it doesn’t take long to build up so you’re hit immediately with this exquisite mixture of drums and guitar riffs.

Kodak to Graph – Sequatchie Eve

I don’t know exactly what to dub this song. It’s chillwave first up, but it’s so much more than that at the same time. Plus it’s strange. Think rhythm patterns that throw you off and melody lines that sometimes sound a bit off key (on purpose) and yet somehow this works. One commenter called this song mesmerizing and I fully agree.

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

Finally a song that I only just stumbled across, but this is so different from any dubstep song I’ve heard so far that I have to share it. The intro of this song starts with an acoustic guitar and harmonizing vocals. It sounds more like an intro to a folk song than anything else, but then slowly it gears up and this slow breaks beat enters. This song is featured on The Host soundtrack which is out in theaters right now.

Alright, that’s it again for this week. I hope these 8 songs have given you something new to explore musically and if you have any music that you think I should check out than leave a comment below.

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