Collective beauty & make up shoplog (Spring 2013)

Hold up. Stop. Before you think I purchased all of this in one go: nah-uh. This shoplog comprises every beauty and make up related item I purchased in the course of 2.5 months. You could call it a collective spring 2013 beauty shoplog if you’d like. So don’t go thinking that I went on a major shopping spree. I didn’t. I just had all these items lying about and thought: hey! What if I take some pics and put it into a shoplog? And there you have it. The best part of the shoplog: plenty of items here I didn’t even pay for. I won some in a contest or I got them for free with customer points or got a major discount. On top of that a good part of the items here were cheap as they are mostly drugstore products or from discount stores. There are a few high end treats for you at the end of this post, so if you’re curious about that make sure you scroll down till the end. Enjoy.

I haven’t tried most of these products yet, so if you are curious about any of these, then please leave a comment below.

Cleaning Milk, Eye Make Up Cleansing Oil and Eye Make Up Remover pads (HEMA)

I’m a bit of a bad girl when it comes to cleaning my face. I only do it once a day, instead of twice. So I’ve decided to try changing that habit and cleanse my face with a cleansing milk in the morning. I didn’t want to go for something super expensive, so I went with something simple from HEMA. The cleansing oil I purchased because I’ve been reading great reviews on it and I’m almost out of my Sephora make up remover. The pads will be great for trips and vacations and for taking off swatches.

Eyebrow pencil (HEMA), Oral B toothbrush (Op=op)

I’ve been curious about the eyebrow pencil for a while and I finally caved and bought it. And who doesn’t need a toothbrush?! I always use an electric one at night, but for mornings I always use a good old fashioned and very simple one. These multiple packs are handy and cost as much as a single toothbrush at my supermarket.

EOS lipbalm in Passion Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet & Sleek Showstoppers eyeshadow palette (Alice and Jo)

On to the first thing in this post I didn’t pay for. I actually won these items on Twitter via the Alice and Jo account (They’re a Dutch beauty & make up webshop, check them out here). They were celebrating having 1000 followers and they pulled my name out of the hat and sent me this. How awesome is that?! I still have to try these, but I know I’ll love the lip balms as I have one in Honeysuckle which is great. The Sleek palette is also a great one. It features eyeshadows from some of their most famous palettes and I really like the color selection. Apart from the fact that it’s missing a matte highlight, but other than that it’s awesome. Thanks again to Alice & Jo for sending me these items.

Shea Shower Gel, Vineyard Peach Shower Gel, Aloe Calming Toner & Peppermint Foot Scrub (The Body Shop

Believe it or not, I didn’t pay much for these lovely TBS goodies. I went into TBS to purchase a present for my mom and I hit the mark on my Love Your Body card where you can spend 10 euros for free. I don’t remember how exactly it played out, but I got all of this, my mom’s b-day presents and some other nick knacks and ended up spending as much as when I would have just purchased my mom’s present. You can never go wrong with TBS shower gels, the toner is my go to product to rid my face of the final residue left on my skin after a long day and I’m curious to try the foot scrub.

Weleda Rhinodoron nose spray, A. Vogel hayfever eye drops, Freeman Dead Sea Minerals face mask, Dove tanning body lotion (De Tuinen, Pharmacy, Action)

Are you ready for something practical? It’s nearly hayfever season again. The weather is supposed to warm up later this week which will mean my allergies will hit me twice as hard with this extended winter we’ve had. So I stocked up on my two essentials that I can use on top of my regular hayfever meds to get me through those rougher days. Both the nose spray and the eye drops are natural without any harmful ingredients. The face mask I got for free when De Tuinen had this massive sale going on where every 2nd item you purchased would be for free. The Body Lotion I found at budget store Action. I am curious to try it as my legs are so white that they never even get a sunburn in summer. They simply reflect the light back. That’s how pale I am. I hope this can get a bit of color on there so they will finally be in sync with the rest of my body.

Pore purging strips, nail polish remover pads (Action), Veet depilatory cream (Op=Op), Wilkinson intuition razor blades (Zeeman)

Shopping at discount stores for beauty products is great! You get great products for little money, sometimes even as much as half of the original price. The pore strips and pads were around 1 euro each. The cream was buy 1 get 1 free and the razors were also half price compared to a regular drug store. Me likes! Plus they are essentials. With summer coming up at least the cream and razor blades will come in very very handy. The pads I use to make sure my nails are squeaky clean before painting them and the pore strips are simply great for giving your skin that extra clean.

Bio Oil, Decubal day cream (De Tuinen), Nivea cleansing milk & creme (Kruidvat)

I received the Bio Oil as a gift from a student who brought me some from South Africa (how nice is that huh?). The day cream I actually started using as my night cream as I ran out of my trusty TBS aloe vera night cream and I wanted to try this. I’m liking it so far, but I will review it some time in the future to share my final thoughts. Again, cleansing milk because I want to try a few to see which I like best and Kruidvat was doing a discount on Nivea too so I got the cream for free.

Sanex roll on deodorant for men (Action), Nivea Stress protect & Sensitive Pure deodorant (Kruidvat), Vitamin E Facemask (TBS), Nivea Supreme touch shower cream (Kruidvat).

I got quite a bit of deodorant, but I tend to buy those in bulk anyway. I only have one bottle left as a back up, but that will soon go into my gym bag I think as I’m almost out. I also have a feeling that deodorant sprays are simply not doing the trick for me anymore, so I’ve decided to try some roll-on ones. Again Kruidvat had a Nivea discount so I got one for free and I had enough points on my card to get another one for free as well. The men’s deodorant (which I bought because it’s often times better than women’s) is from action so super cheap. The final two items were free with purchase.

Demak up cotton pads (supermarket), Catrice blush in Sugar Shock and highlighter in Vanilla Love from the Candy Shock collection (Kruidvat)

Another essential. I just now realize how many of these things I simply needed. I have a tendency of running out of everything at the same time for some reason. I love Demak Up cotton pads for taking off my make up and I always buy the bulk packages that comes with two of these massive rolls from my local supermarket. The blush and highlighter are spanking new. The Candy Shock collection only just arrived and when I saw these beauties I simply couldn’t leave them behind. No swatches yet, as I simply want to look at these first.

Essence top coats in Mrs & Mr Glitter, Glitter on Me and Cool Breeze, L’Oreal Colour Riche in Confettis, Catrice Candy Shock nail polish in Play it Blue and I Scream Ice Cream

Ah nail polish. A beauty item I cannot get enough of. Essence just came out with some new top coats which I of course have to try. I’m a top coat junkie as it spices up any boring old nail polish you have. The L’Oreal one had been on my wishlist for a while and the Candy Shock collection also came with some gorgeous pastel polishes which I think will be perfect for spring.

Now are you ready to end this post with a bang?

Over 2 months ago now, Dutch luxury drugstore ICI Paris had a buy 2 make up items get 25% off deal. Those deals are always the best and since I am going through a lipstick phase, I bought two lipsticks. One by Lancome and one by Estee Lauder.

Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick in no. 381B Violette Coquette

Estee Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Rebel Raspberry

As you can see, the first one is a bit more girly, the second more vampy. Is it purple or pink? The Lancome lipstick is a mixture of both but on my lips it’s more of a pink than a purple. Yet I’m really loving the purple undertone it has. I think it is a great spring/ summer color. Estee Lauder’s Rebel Raspberry is exactly that: the perfect raspberry red color which is loaded with shimmers when you look at it, but which actually results in a nice subtle shine once applied. Both wear very well and I’m totally loving these.

Thank you so much for you patience to get to the end of this post. I know it’s a lot of stuff, but like I said: I didn’t pay for almost half of it, it was stuff I simply needed or I got it cheap. Plus I bought these things over the course of over 2 months.

14 responses to “Collective beauty & make up shoplog (Spring 2013)”

  1. Wow, enorme shoplog! Die nagellakjes zijn leuk, ik vind nagellak ook een van de leukere beautyproducten om te kopen, en het is vaak lekker cheap 😉 de lipsticks zijn ook erg mooi! Leuk, zo’n collective haul 🙂

  2. De perzikdouchegel heb ik ook, zo lekker! <3 En de Estée Lauder lipstick is super wauw (de Lancome ook, maar ik houd zelf meer van donker…).

  3. Leuk zo’n lekkere grote shoplog! Ik heb toevallig gisteren naar reviews van de dagcreme van Decubal zitten zoeken. Ik ben benieuwd wat jij ervan vind.

      • haha dat snap ik dat het even duurt. Ik gebruik de tonic nu een week en vind hem erg fijn. vandaar dat ik benieuwd ben naar de rest 🙂

      • Ik heb de facewash ervan gehad en die was super. Deze creme is lekker dik en ik gebruik hem als nachtcreme. Heel voedend en geen gekke reacties vooralsnog. Gebruik het nu een week of 2 -3 denk ik.

  4. I’ve been eyeing up the Showstoppers palette too – Sleek are coming out with some great limited edition palettes lately.

    I also use a lot of Nivea stuff and like you I stock up when things are on offer!

  5. […] This shimmering beauty is from Estee Lauder’s regular line. I bought this lipstick ages ago and wore it a lot when I first got it. It’s is a stunning pinky red with purple and pink micro glitter. The only problem with this lipstick is that when it wears, the color wears off, but the glitter stays on your lips longer. So if you’re not careful with touching up, you’ll walk around with leftover glitter all over your lips. You can see this swatched and in a full face shot at the bottom of this blog post. […]

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