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A few months ago I wrote a post about what I consider to be wardrobe staples, based on what I have hanging in my closet. Today, I’m showing you my fashion favorites. And instead of simply showing you the items, I’m actually showing them on today as well. Once I had gathered these items I figured I could combine them into one outfit which goes together quite nicely. It’s a bit dark for my taste, but it’s an outfit that works nonetheless, despite the fact that it’s a completely haphazardly thrown-together outfit. I tend to wear these items separately from each other or at least not all together at the same time. Let’s have a look at some of my favorite clothing items.

The outfit:

– Black moto jacket (C&A)

– Basic grey v-neck t-shirt (Forever 21)

– Indigo treggins (C&A)

– Black chelsea wedge boots (H&M)

– Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses

– Aztec print necklace (Forever 21)

– Cuff bracelet (Forever 21)

So why are these my favorites? Because they are all very basic and actually quite plain and boring. The reason: I could easily live the rest of my life in any of these items. Let me tell you why.

I’d like to start with the indigo treggings as I forgot to take pictures of those (sorry!). The minute I put these on, I simply didn’t want to take them off any more. They are flattering, fit perfectly and the color is bang on. The fabric is soft enough that it doesn’t matter that it’s tight and figure hugging. Plus it cost 15 euros. Great basic to have.

The moto jacket

This things are all the rage this year, but I’ve had mine for years. As you can see this thing has gone through quite a bit of wear as it is my go-to jacket from April till November. It’s easy to throw on and goes with everything. It is pretty warm too so it’s great for colder spring days and chilly summer nights. I also love how it has some small details, like the buckle and the double cuffs on the sleeves.

Basic V-neck grey t-shirt

I love grey as a neutral color to go with my outfits. Where black can be harsh and white can be too crisp, I feel that grey has the best of both worlds. You can make it look edgy and cool, but also dressed up and formal if need be. V-necks are simply a must if you’re busty like me as it elongates your figure. This shirt in particular is the softest I’ve ever laid hands on and I love how it isn’t just grey but has different tones woven into the fabric so it’s not too boring. I love pairing this with my red blazer for a pop of color.

Black chelsea boots, aztec necklace, cuff bracelet

The black boots have been on feet non-stop ever since I purchased them last fall. I love them so much that when the lighter taupe colored ones went on sale, I bought those too. These boots were made for walking, yet give you a bit of height while the black makes them a great basic to pair with skirts, pants, or dresses. And by now you may know about my love for big bold, statement jewelry. I love short necklaces and this is my favorite one. Same goes for the cuff bracelet.

Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses

Last but not least: my favorite pair of sunglasses. With the weather hopefully getting better soon, I know I will be busting these out again. I bought these 2 years ago on a groupon discount and I just don’t take them off when the sun is shining. They are huge, but that’s why they work for me: they keep a lot of pollen out of my eyes and with my hayfever that is a great thing. On top of that they have a super retro feel = bonus points.

So those are my favorite single clothing items all thrown together into one outfit. If you ever see me in real life, make sure to check my outfit for any of these pieces, because 9 out of 10 times these tend to pop up.

What are your favorite clothing items?

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