Music of the Moment (April 2013 #3)

Another week, another music of the moment. Here’s 7 songs I’m digging this week.

Ben Aqua – Low Bandwith Fantasy

Awesome break beat induced indie elektro song. It’s bit in your face, but at the same time it’s kind of relaxing to me in a weird way as well. It revs up a few times, has a sick beat, features a Gaga sample and it’s up for a free download on soundcloud. Nuff said.

Arthur Beatrice – Midland

The minute I heard this song I liked it. The song starts with a bit of a mysterious vibe. What does this want to be? A dance song, a rock song, a pop song? It settles somewhere in the middle when the drums are added and it’s more of an indie pop song that reminds me of Beetles by Warpaint at times. At other times it reminds me of Florence & the Machine.

Ultraista – Gold Dayzz (Maribou State Remix)

A bit slow at the start and sounding like your average chill wave song, this song takes a while to build up through lazy vocals. Around the one minute mark the basic rhythm is set up and the beat drops shortly after. Still a relaxed vibe, but a bit more of pick me upper. Up for free download from soundcloud.

New Found Land – Mirror

Female singer/ songwriter song with a rocky vibe which turns more into a pop song once the horns enter the stage. Incredibly catchy as you’ll sing to it almost instantly. “I became your mirror”.

James Blake – Digital Lion

I just purchased James Blake’s second album and upon hearing it for the first time this song stood out. Again this takes a while to go anywhere, but when it does it has a great beat that only goes further and further. At the same time though, this song has something dreamy and sad to it. At times I can even hear something that to me resembles the sound of rain in the background.

Hunter as a House – The Train

Dark, gloomy and mysterious. That’s what this song. Reading the lyrics this might be about someone who takes a break up so badly that they choose to be run over by a train or about being in a relationship that is so intoxicating that you know its bad for you but yet you’re giving all of yourself to be with this person. How fun! But the song still sounds good.

Boy – Little Numbers (acoustic)

Love love love this song. After the longest time I finally purchased this album, but I already listened to it a bunch of times. Super cute song, perfect vocals and I like the acoustic version a tad better than the album version. It’s bare with just guitar, some tapping and this girl singing with no effort at all. If you’re looking for a happy summer song, than this is it.

Okay that’s it for this time. Hope you enjoy!

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