NOTW: Apple Cider Sparkle

Today is a quicky post. I’ve been so busy that regular posts are simply not doable right now. On top of that, the next two weeks will be crazy as I am on a work trip and am writing my thesis. Especially the latter means that I will be spending so much time writing behind my computer that I don’t think I will have much gusto for writing blogs for a little while. I do have plenty of plans though, so once I am not as busy I will be making daily posts again.

Let’s get down to the plain and simple nail look that I did the other week. It’s only two polishes, but I loved it and thought I would share.

This is literally the easiest manicure to make. All you need is a cute base color and a sparkly top coat to create this. I went with Ciaté Apples & Custard for the base color and layered Catrice’s Have an Ice Day over it. And that’s it: your cute yet fun nail look is all done.

I took these pictures at 7 in the morning, right before I went to work so the color changes a bit as the light wasn’t the best. But the lighter color is closest to what it looked like on my nails.

I hope you enjoyed and there will be another post in a few days.

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