My average day

My average day is never average. As a teacher every day is quite different and with the job I’m working now, my schedule also changes daily. I go from days filled with meetings or classes, or both, grading, prepping classes, more grading, giving feedback and wiping away tears on occasion too. I already described my average day before, but this was almost 3 years ago when I first started my blog. Since by now I have a different job and a different routine: here’s what my average day looks like.


6.42 AM: alarm and start of my morning routine by hitting the snooze button.

7.00 AM: I actually get out of bed. Since I prep lunch, my outfit and put out my make up the night before I have plenty of time to get ready. I make my way to the kitchen and prepare breakfast.

7.10 AM: I have breakfast behind my computer while reading some blogs.

7.25 AM: Getting dressed and doing my make up

7.50 AM: I go out the door and walk to the station.

8.12 AM: My train leaves for Amsterdam. I listen to music on the train and read my Twitter feed.

9.05 AM: I’m at my desk and grab some tea.

9.20 AM: Meeting or teaching time. Usually lasts until 11.00 AM. I answer emails, prep classes and talk to colleagues afterwards.

Noon: Having lunch with colleagues if possible, but I usually eat at my desk and don’t have time to have a proper lunch.

12.30 PM: What I do in the afternoon depends on my schedule. I either teach or am in more meeting, am prepping more classes, enter grades, provide feedback and meet with students. If I’m teaching classes last between 100 and 150 minutes and can be on anything from English Skills to Sociolinguistics or mentor class.

5.00 PM: I leave the office and catch a train around 5.30 PM if I’m lucky. More often this ends up being later though. I’m home roughly an hour later than I leave work, so usually between 6.00 and 7.00 PM.

6.30 PM: Dinner time. I have some more time to cook now, so I will cook a simple meal or heat something up in the microwave.

7.30 – 9.00 PM: somewhere in that time frame you can find me leaving for dance class or the gym. I have to have something to eat before I work out else I just faint. Especially after a day filled with teaching I can feel lightheaded and need to put some fuel into my system.

I’m home somewhere between 9.30 PM and 11.00 PM. It all depends on which work out I’m doing and who I meet. Especially on Friday’s I tend to stay at the gym and chat to people after Spinning class.

Once I get home I might grab a snack if I didn’t have a big dinner. I also write and check some blogs and my email. Being a teacher just never stops! My email is hooked up to my phone so if I see a message that needs my attention immediately I will answer straight away. I unwind with a cup of tea and some music or youtube videos and start my evening routine: I take off my make up, shower and get ready for bed.

My head hits my pillow between midnight and 1 AM, that is if I’m not too hyper after my work out.


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