What I Eat #6

AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m back. It’s been a while since I posted anything on here. Life is busy: exam week has started, I am still finishing up my thesis, while writing an article at the same time and then I’m doing regular work outs and am trying to have a social life. Needless to say: the blog then comes last. But I thought: what better way to break the silence than with a longer-than-usual what I eat post? Curious to see the sort of food I’ve been munching on? Then stay tuned.


Tea & fruit, ham & eggs w/ cheese

yoghurt with nuts, mixed dried berries, flax seeds and agave nectar

I’ve been trying to be a bit more creative with my breakfasts and also keeping it simple. Just some tea & fruit for days where I start later, eggs for when I need more to keep me going and the last pic is pretty much my go to standard breakfast.

Yoghurt with pecan nuts, flax seeds mixed nuts & berries, kiwi fruit & agave nectar

Buckwheat porridge, honey, dark chocolate sprinkles, flax seeds, banana & grated coconut

I put flax seeds in pretty much every breakfast I make: it has become my staple food. Here are two variants on the: I’m going to throw some yummy stuff into a bowl for breakfast options. One with yoghurt and one with porridge. I have to say the latter was absolutely delicious. The mixture of chocolate, banana & coconut made a great combo.


Salad 1: spinach, cucumber, tomato, onion, goat’s cheese

Salad 2: spinach, cucumber, tomato, peach & kiwi fruit

I love using spinach as a base for my salads. It’s got more flavor than lettuce and I also find it more filling. I then always just proceed to chuck in random things. Cucumber is a go-to salad veggie for me and lately I’ve been hooked on cherry tomatoes. What else goes into the mix depends on what I have lying about, as you can see above and in the rest of this post.

Protein shake with blueberries and raspberries & another salad, but this time with bell pepper and raisins

If I make a large protein shake like this, I have it function as lunch. In goes some milk, fruit, protein powder, honey and any other goodness I fancy, such as cocoa powder, a handful of nuts, avocado, zucchini etc.

All veggie salads

These last two salads nicely resemble what I’ve been hooked on most lately. Since I already eat quite a bit of cheese as a snack I have decided to try and leave it out of the salads. Also, meat which I used to feature in my salads on a regular basis before, I’ve decided to cut down on. In fact, the only meat I’ve had in nearly two weeks are some meat balls I made to go into a veggie soup, which I forgot to take a picture of.


Rye bread or rice cake with almond or peanut butter and banana

This is actually not just a snack. It’s also lunch if need be. It’s yummy and what’s more: it’s the first wheat free meal I found at my canteen at work as they sell rice cakes, fair trade peanut butter and bananas! Hooray.

Rye bread with apple spread & almond butter and some cheese.

Cheese with apple spread & banana/ peanut butter oat cookies

Both these snacks are very much post work out meals. Dance class is late: I am never home before 10.30 PM and so I am always hungry afterwards. So in go some carbs, protein and sugars.


Vegan fettuccine alfredo with cajun salmon

Mango/ spinach salad with rye bread with apple spread & goat’s cheese

Two meals for which I have recipes for you. The first is a recipe for a cauliflower based alfredo sauce which is dairy and nut free from Detoxinista. It is absolutely delicious. I’m not a big fan of cauliflower, but turned into a sauce it’s fantastic. The second is a simple sweet salad with mango and spinach. I adapted a 24Kitchen (Dutch TV channel) recipe, by leaving out the sauteed spinach and fried chicken. Again super yummy and this salad makes me want to put fruit in my salads more often.

Spinach omelet & green beans with blue cheese

The first meal I would eat as dinner, or as breakfast or as lunch. It depends on what I feel like having. In any case, both meals are super easy to make and only require one pan.

Left over dinner with cheese, tomatoes and some fruit with cinnamon

Take out meal with falafel, salad and freshly squeeze OJ.

Then two oddball meals: one is completely thrown together and made of whatever I had lying about. The other was a last minute thing: it was 8 PM and I was walking home, hungry as a horse and nothing in the house to cook. I figured this was my best/ healthiest option available when it comes to take out.


Green smoothies.

Then something I’ve been experimenting with: green smoothies. Even though the second one definitely doesn’t look appealing it really did taste good. However, not all my green smoothies have been successful. The other day I did chuck one away because it was horrible as I had added too much water. Oh well, it’s a work in progress.

Top (and in blender): raspberries, kiwi fruit, zucchini, broccoli & spinach

Bottom: the same veggie wise, but with blueberries instead (hence the strange color)

Do you have any good green smoothie recipes for me?

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    • I find that avocado and zucchini make some great bases as they are quite neutral in flavor. But trying to add in anything else is a challenge.

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