My summer jam: Bibio – Silver Wilkinson

You probably know how I love to discover new music and today I would like to share with you music by one particular artist that instantly makes your day a little bit brighter and summer just a tad nearer. I present to you: Bibio.

I have been purchasing quite a few CDs these past few months and during my latest stop at the record store I saw this CD and it instantly draw me in. I’m not going to lie: it wouldn’t be the first time I bought an album based on what the cover looks like. I read the description and combined with my already knowing a few songs by Bibio, I knew that this would be good.

The album fuses together a mixture of chillwave type surfy sounds with infectious beats, electro balads, hiphop and psychedelic inspired 60s sounds. It’s an eclectic mix, but it works so well and it breathes SUMMER in and out. The dream like quality combined with some happy upbeat songs make this the ultimate soundtrack for lazy summer days. All I can say is that this album makes me wish the weather would cooperate already and that I can’t wait till my summer vacation finally starts.

Not convinced? Listen to the album sampler & my favorite track À Tout À l’Heure:

Album sampler:

À Tout À l’Heure

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