High end lipsticks #2: Dior

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Yesterday Chanel, today I give the floor to Mr. Christian Dior. And red lipstick. Because this girl has been loving her red lipsticks and these two babies definitely add to that obsession. It seems like all I can do is buy red lipstick these days when it comes to make up. But that’s what’s so cool: red is never just red. It comes in so many different shades: blue-ish reds, orange-y reds, pink-y reds, true red, brown red, purple red. You name it and it’s there and what’s more: there’s a lipstick in that color. So without further ado, let’s have a look at the prettiness that is DIor lipstick.

Top: Dior Addict Extreme Lasting Lipcolor Radiant Shine in no. 756 Fireworks

Bottom: Rouge Dior Couture Colour Voluptuous Care 999

Let’s have a closer look at the packaging first. Both lipsticks come in a deep navy blue colored container. Fireworks comes in the see through and silver button packaging, whereas 999 comes in the dark blue container with the CD embossed in silver. Both packaging feels sturdy and is pretty. Fireworks appears by pulling out the lipstick from the silver buttoned end. 999 comes in a standard lipstick container, but does have the quintessential Dior pattern stamped into the silver band. Pretty and classy, I’d say.

What I liked about Fireworks straight away is its color. What made me doubt whether to buy it yes or no, was its sheerness. All the Dior Addict lipsticks have sheer quality to them and since my lips are pretty dark, sheer lipstick and me just don’t go together very well. When I tried it on though I decided it looked good. The texture is creamy and not as shiny as the packaging promises, but it’s supposed to be longlasting so I was hoping this will be like a longlasting type of lipbalm.

Color wise the pay off is still good enough to give my lips a nice color, but to not make them go: woah red! The sheerness makes this a perfect every day red: giving your lips just the right amount of color without overpowering the rest of your make up. Now I only hope that it is longer lasting than the average lipstick. I have yet to try wearing this to work. The ultimate test, as I am usually so busy that I simply forget to touch up my make up. If a lipstick can survive a working day that lasts from 8 AM till 6 PM, it is aces in my book.

The minute I read that Dior would be releasing a reissue of an updated version of their very first red lipstick color from the 50s, I knew I had to have it. So bring on 999. Named after the original (which was called 9, and its first reissue which was called 99). A perfect matte red color with a retro touch. That’s how I see this lipstick and I definitely wasn’t disappointed when I first swatched this in the store. It looked even better on.

Unfortunately for me, when I opened up the packaging, the lipstick came out slightly damaged. And the little lump at the top broke off when I swatched the lipstick for these pictures. I am now hoping this isn’t a super fragile lipstick that breaks easily, as I know I’ll have to carry this around in my purse. This lipstick is so creamy that the staying power isn’t super and can lead to some strange smears as it wears down. But with such a gorgeous color, I’m not complaining.

So what about a red lipstick stash post? Yes, no, don’t care? Leave a comment below to let me know! It’s much appreciated.

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  1. Hilde Avatar

    Yes, please do a red lipstick comparison post! I am always looking for a good everyday red that lasts. That sheer one sounds good!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Alright will do 😉

  2. rosageven Avatar

    Wauw prachtige lipsticks!

  3. robin ♡ Avatar

    de tweede lipstick is zo mooi! i love Dior! <3

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Hier ook liefde voor Dior. Is volgens mij het high end merk waar ik het meeste van heb. Ik ben echt zwaar aan het overwegen om het groene oogschaduw palet uit de huidige collectie aan te schaffen. Zo mooi!

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