Cassis sparkle nail art

This super easy nail art isn’t really nail art, but I still thought it was super pretty and thought I’d share. I wore this on my nails a big part of last week and loved it. I paired a purple/ pink glitter polish over a dark, almost black, purple color to create this effect. Here’s what I did.

The polishes I’ve used are Cassis by Sephora and Only Purple Matters 3D Glitter topcoat by Essence. So this is a super budget proof nail art too. I remember the Sephora polish not costing more than 5 euros and the Essence one is a complete steal at 1,89 a piece. I’ve had the Sephora polish for years though, so I’m not sure it’s still available. However, with the current season I’m sure brands are doing dark purples again right now.

As you can see the Essence polish has a purple base with small blueish purple glitters and chunkier fuchsia colored glitter pieces. I was surprised at how opaque this glitter polish is: with one coat I already got a good amount of glitter on my nails. After two coats I got the effect you see in the pictures. Like I said: pretty impressive. The only problem with the glitter polish is that it is quite thick and gloopy, but it didn’t cause me any problems.

What nail polish are you currently wearing?

6 responses to “Cassis sparkle nail art”

  1. Mooi!! Ik heb al weken (maanden??) geen nagellak opgehad. Ik ben te lui, I guess. Nagellak blijft altijd maar max 2 dagen zitten en dan moet alles er weer af…. Vind het te veel gedoe lol

    • Ik ben ook vrij lui. Mijn nagels zijn eindelijk mooi zonder, dus ik heb een paar dagen nagellak op. Wordt het lelijk gaat het eraf en dan vergeet ik het gewoon weer.

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