RiRi Woo: RiRi <3 MAC Collection

After it having been released 3x, I now finally got my hands on the much coveted RiRi Woo lipstick from the special collection MAC released in collaboration with Rihanna. By now the entire collection has sold out online again and I was lucky enough to be online when the collection launched and snatched one up. The minute I saw this lipstick on blogs I new I had to try it. It’s a velvety red matte lipstick which is a surprisingly wearable color.

Let’s first rave about the packaging shall we? This is my first MAC lipstick that doesn’t come in the standard matte black packaging. And wow is all I can say. The shiny rose gold looks amazing. I could probably do without the light pink R and Rihanna’s autograph, but oh well. I am not much of a Rihanna fan, it’s more about the color for me. The autograph stamped into the lipstick does make for a nice tough.

Like all MAC lipsticks, the lipstick comes in a tampon shaped tube. This is what MAC says about the lipsticks from the collection on their website:

Colour plus texture for the lips that made M∙A∙C famous. Four limited-edition shades created by Rihanna. In Retro Matte – the signature red of RiRi Woo, the dark plum of Talk That Talk and the creamy cool of Nude. In Frost – the mid-tone orange of Who’s That Chick. Limited-edition RiRi ♥ M∙A∙C packaging.

MAC describes RiRi Woo as a cool matte red that is neutral enough to suit many skin tones.

In the tube and as a swatch, I find that this lipstick comes off darker than it does when I’m wearing it (see below) or what you would expect from the description above. The texture is definitely a bit velvety and I’m guessing that’s what MAC means by ‘retro’. This lipstick is definitely a classic 50s red (why didn’t I have this color when I had my 50s party earlier in the year?) and wearable at that. For some reason this lipstick makes me think of pin up girls and Bettie Page hair cuts.

And here is what the lipstick looks like on me. The rest of my make up is the Nude look that was posted last Monday as part of the 30 day make up challenge.

Did you manage to get anything from this collection?

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