Herschel Little America backpack in navy & red

Being on this different diet has been the best thing I’ve done in years, however, it does mean I lug around quite a bit of stuff when I go to work. And no matter how cute a tote may look, my back and shoulders started to hurt. So when I was gifted a gift voucher for my recent graduation and I spotted this practical, yet in my mind, still fashionable looking backpack, all I could think was SCORE! I’ve been using it for the past 2 weeks and I have been loving it.

Herschel Little America bag in Navy & Red Rubber (23.5 liters with 15″ laptop compartment)

I purchased the bag from a store I usually never set foot in, Piece of Cake in Leiden. They had these bags in their window display and when I went inside, I found they had a ton of cool colors and different sized bags. Herschel is a Canadian company, that’s been around for a few years and make bags inspired by mountaineering equipment. It’s practical, but on first sight, these bags aren’t your typical gear for hiking aficionados.

I went with the blue and red as I thought it looked fun and went great with the signature lining of the brand. I also have plenty of light colored jackets, and my other choice was a smaller sized khaki colored one with brown straps, but that I found a little too plain.

The bags come in several sizes. This is the largest size: 23.5 liters of content can be loaded into the bag. It has a fleece-lined and padded compartment for a 15″ laptop and a smaller compartment at the front which as not only a flap but also a zipper. On the inside you can find two smaller compartments that are ideal for holding your phone, pens, lipbalm/ lipstick and gum.

The back of the bag looks like any sturdy and comfortable backpack would: the shoulder straps and back are padded and lined with breathable mesh. The straps are adjustable so the bag will fit anyone. My bag is bit different than the standard ones: the straps that are used to open and close the two main compartments are made from a bright red rubber. I thought this made the bag look a bit more fun and out there. The red straps snap on with magnets so you don’t have to undo the clasps all the time.

Tag with measurements & specifications, closure on main compartment

Inside details: Welcome to Herschel, red & white striped lining & one of two phone compartments.

The main compartment closes with a drawstring and here and on the inside of the flap of the small compartment you get a small glimpse of the hysterical and signature lining on the inside. Any Herschel bag you buy comes with this red & white candy cane stripe look. I love this: it makes me smile and happy every time I open my bag. The fact that you are greeted with that little message every time your rummage through your bag makes for a nice bonus too.

All in all, this bag has been a great buy. It holds everything I need to take to work without breaking my back in the process. I have walked with it in the pouring rain: it is water resistant as it is made out of a durable nylon. I have also carried 50+ hand in assignments home with it on top of a pair of shoes, a book and all of my food related stuff. The weight is nicely distributed over your back and I carried my things home effortlessly. I find I like using the laptop compartment for loose papers or my book. It’s a great way of carrying these types of items without ruining them. On top of that this bag is super versatile: it is great as an everyday work bag, but will also be great as an overnight bag or carry-on on planes as it fits within the maximum dimensions for hand luggage.

If you’re in the market for a sturdy, practical bag that is fun at the same time? Then give this brand a chance. I have no clue where else you can buy this brand from though. This Herschel Little America bag costs €99.95.

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