Blogs I Follow #1

I don’t just blog myself, I also follow a few. I am currently following 12 blogs via bloglovin’. That’s not a whole lot, but I find that following many more is simply not feasible to keep track of. There’s a hand full that I check on a semi-regular basis when I see a post on Twitter or because they pop into my head. I mainly follow beauty and fashion blogs, but all the blogs I follow also have a personal tinge to it. And for some reason they are all by fellow Dutchies too. There’s a mixture of massive blogs and smaller ones. Today I will show you the first 6 blogs that I follow and then some time soon I will post part 2.

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1.) Beautylab

Not the first beautyblog I came across, but one of the first that kept me reading. I like how Serena is close to my own age and has a laboratory background. What I love most about her blog are the posts where she dissects product contents and ingredients and tells you why something is good or bad for you. She has massive DIY skills and a great fashion sense as well.

2.) Meerbeauty

I’ve referred to this blog quite a few times in the past and that’s because Karin and I know each other in real life. She claims she started blogging because of me (aw that’s so sweet!). Her blog is strictly beauty related and she has some great budget finds and tags on there. She tries reviewing products not everyone and their mother is reviewing so there is always something new there.

3.) Fifties Darling

The first fashion blog in the lot. And a retro/ vintage one at that. The blog is in English, but is run by a Dutch girl who manages to find the most amazing vintage pieces. From hats, to shoes, from dresses to accessories. She always looks fabulous and eats, breathes and sleeps vintage style.

4.) Veracamilla

This personal beautyblog is the first thing I check in the morning. Vera has the best pictures out there, is creative with make up and a young girl fully enjoying life. She writes great reviews too and where some bigger bloggers are doing more and more ‘other’ things on the side, Vera’s blog is still 95% beauty. Add a great bubbly personality and regular videos and you’ve got the ingredients that have me coming back time and time again.

5.) Eline

One of the latest additions to my bloglovin’ family. This is one of those blogs I stumbled upon after finding a name popping up in the comments of another blog. Most of the blogs are short and sweet, and she’s been blogging for just a few months, but is doing really really well. I enjoy her little rambles in videos and she seems to have a good sense of humor.

6.) My Super Sweet Life

Another fashion blog, but one mainly involving the many dresses that Tineke owns. I found this blog right when my own dress addiction kicked in and I’ve been following her ever since. She combines her dresses which are very affordable with other very affordable pieces. For those moments where you need a realistic fashion impulse (and if you’re addicted to online shopping and dresses (obviously)).

Did you know any of these blogs? Do you have any recommendations for me?

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