Blogs I Follow #2

Another 6 blogs that I check on a regular basis. Like last time, there are a few big blogs, some smaller, personal blogs and most concern beauty & fashion.

1. Livelifegorgeous

Run by besties Willemijn & Martine this blog is a must read if you like their chatterbox style videos and reviews about slightly different brands. I like how this blog gives you the opinion of two people with different tastes and styles which makes for a versatile blog.

2. I’m Fashionstoned

Dutch fashion blogger with the sleekest, cleanest blog and style I’ve ever come across. I only just started following her, but I have noticed a slight obsession for all things Chanel make up. I read this to gawk in awe at her amazing photos and outfits.

3.) Lottelovesbeauty

Personal beauty blog by aspiring primary school teacher Lotte. I love her girly style (so unlike mine!) and her passion for her blog and make up. She is the queen of black eyeliner and did a stunning doll make up for Halloween. A blogger with great pictures and make up skills to match. Add a great personality and you have a blog that I’ve been reading for quite some time now.

4.) Misslipgloss

One of the biggest beauty blogs in NL, this blog is great if you need information about skin care, hair care and an overall take on ingredients. Great for me with my super sensitive and dry skin. I also enjoy Cynthia’s personal take on things, as it is balanced out nicely with the rest of her website. Also has an accompanying online shop and wrote a book with all her best tips and tricks.

5. Pocketfullofpolish

Best nail polish blog around. Even though this started only a few months ago, I’m already in love with it. Great swatches and a knack for great pictures, have me drool behind my screen whenever there’s a new post. I’d lie if I’d say I didn’t feel compelled to go out and buy some new nail polish after seeing posts on here.

6.) Lounabeauty

Blog with a nice 50/50 spread of beauty and fashion. Milou has a completely different style than me but I’ve been following her ever since she left a comment on my blog when she first started blogging. Sometimes there’s a lag between posts as life catches up with her, but she keeps on truckin’ and has me coming back time and time again.

Do you read any blogs you think I should follow?

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