Chanel lipstick in L’eclatante

Recently, Ici Paris XL had another one of their infamous 40% off on all lip products deals and naturally I couldn’t resist taking a peek. That peek resulted in the buying off a lip color I have been eyeballing for months. And this time, I finally decided to buy it. Say hello to my new baby and latest indulgence: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in L’eclatante (no. 42).

I mean, just look at her! What’s not to love right? From the bright pink color to the velvet matte texture and the luxurious packaging, this lipstick hits it out of the the ballpark. This is now my fourth Chanel lipstick, so I know that what I would be buying would be a good quality lipstick with great color pay off. I apologize in advance for the absence of a full face look with this lipstick. Unfortunately my lips have been in a rough shape lately with cold sores and a lovely dry, chapped look because of it. I’ll spare you the details, but needless to say: wearing lipstick has been a bit of a no go for me these past 2 weeks.

Let’s dive into packaging first. The Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks come in the infamous ‘click-and-it-opens’ lipstick case. There is no packaging that reeks more of luxury than this. The black container is sleek and shiny and the gold top that pops out which the Chanel logo embellished on it is just an added bonus after that. Someone at Chanel really thought this through.

The difference between this lipstick and any other Chanel lipstick I own is that this is a Rough Allure Velvet. This means the lipstick is a matte color and void of any sparkle, shimmer or shine. The texture is creamy and the color is to die for. My main reason for getting this color is because I don’t have a lot of pinks in my lipstick collection as it’s mostly reds, so I could do with a bright, slightly raspberry tinted pink in my collection. In the store I swatched it next to a Chanel pink I already own (Chanel Rouge Coco in Le Basier) but this one is definitely a bit warmer toned and obviously a lot brighter and in your face, yet at the same time still very wearable.

I am assuming the Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks have the same staying power as the regular Rouge Allure lipsticks, which means they will survive a few drinks, but not an entire day. Because of the wide tip application of Chanel lipsticks is always a bit tricky for me, but that is easily sorted by using a lip brush. In short: I’m looking forward to wearing this splendid color and I hope to show it to you soon in a Face of the Day.

What’s your favorite color lipstick?

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  1. Oh my god, wat een beauty! Zo’n kleur staat mij helaas verschrikkelijk, maar vind ik zooo mooi op anderen :).

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