Current H&M picks (incl. sale items)

Winter sale is on and that means that some of the best deals are in town again. I ordered a few things from H&M’s website, also ended up going to the store itself and I ordered a few bits and bobs over the past few months and I thought: why not share it all. Without any further ado, I present to you: my current H&M picks.

Burgundy blouse 19.95

Yellow silk blouse 59.95

It’s blouses time! I’ve decided that my closet needs 2 things: printed and colored blouses as every blouse I own falls into the nude/ cream or denim category. I simply am in need of a few more current colors and I thought these would do just that. Both blouses are still on its way, so now I just have to hope that they fit right.

Wool coatigan 39.95

Zip up hoodie with teddy fur lining 17

I saw ‘coatigans’ (fusion of a coat and a cardigan) on Asos all fall season and I thought they looked cool. But paying almost 100 euros for a coat that doesn’t close up isn’t too smart in Dutch weather. When I saw this one, I instantly loved it. It’s got a good deal of wool in it and I can just imagine myself snuggling up on the couch in the dead of winter, or layer it under my winter coat on chilly mornings filled with train delays. The latter is the reason why I also ordered the hoodie in the sale. Plus it’s got this Nordic theme going on and it’s lined with soft, fuzzy, teddy material. You can’t get any warmer than that.

Striped blouse 20

Plaid sleeveless button up shirt

Prints! Patterns! That’s what I want. These monochromatic prints will be easy to combine with tons of things: under sweaters or dresses, on top of jeans, or tucked into a skirt. Both items were on sale and half price off.

Red skirt 24.95

Chenille fuzzy cardigan 39.95

When I saw the H&M Christmas catalogue there wasn’t too much that caught my eye. This red skirt did and it sold out quickly online. A few weeks ago I went shopping with my mom and there were plenty of skirts hanging on the racks in my town. It’s so flattering on and I’ve got a thing for red at the moment. I already own a sweater version of this cardigan and it’s hands down one of my favorite sweaters of the season. So when I saw they did it in a cardigan I just had to have it. Fuzziness galore! (and no, no sweet little rabbits suffered for it either).

Men’s knit sweater 19.95

Paisley print men’s sweater 29.95

Ssshht! Let me tell you a secret: are you looking for comfy sweaters with fun prints and of a good quality which aren’t too expensive? Check out H&M’s men’s section. For real. Their sweaters are amazing and surprisingly fit me very nicely. I bought both of these in a size small and they look great!

Black beret (I AM) 9.95

Polka dot sheer blouse 7

Black striped top 5

Red skater skirt 5

Black sequin shorts (VILA) 19.95

Jewel print dress 15

So this picture from my Instagram (@indiequeen84) features not only H&M items, but also two things I picked up at the stores at my railway station. The black beret is 100% wool and goes very nicely with my camel colored winter coat and black leather gloves. It’s classier than a beanie in any case. The shorts I just had to pick up. They are sporty, yet glam and not too shiny. The H&M items I bought in the two H&Ms we have here. The dress is from the more work attire related line and fits like a glove. I feel like a true Joanie in Mad Men in it.

Have you picked up any sale items yet?

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