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In the past I showed you in shoplogs that I bought new workout clothes (here and here). I thought I would do a post where I not only show you what it looks like on, but also what I wear to different types of classes and workouts. Currently I am not working out much, because I physically can’t (read here why), but if/ when things go back to normal I want to build up my week again and this is what I would be wearing throughout a week of regular workouts. My first priority when working out is comfort and that is why I have a different outfit for different workouts. I will explain a bit about each outfit (why I wear it to that particular class) and I will tell you where everything is from too.

Bodybalance/ Yoga

The one class I still try to make, to keep some level of fitness, is my Bodybalance class. I typically do this once a week and I like to wear my baggy yoga pants by Reebok and a work out top from a breathable material by H&M. The pants I am really happy with. I used to wear whatever bottoms I had lying about, but I find that these Reebok capris give me the space to move around and it’s not constricted. These pants are sold as part of the special yoga line designed by Tara Stiles and on the Dutch website they are currently on sale. I like wearing tighter tops as they cannot fall over my head and stay put during a class. No shoes are needed for yoga, but last year I did buy my own mat. This one is by Tunturi and I really like it. Make sure to wash you yoga mat for a bit of extra traction (just put it in your washing machine at a gentle cycle and dry flat).

Dance class/ Bodycombat/ Aerobics classes (winter)

On the left you see my typical dance outfit: bra top in a bright color (Hunkemöller), sleeveless grey loose fitting top (H&M), black shorts (Bloch), black footless tights (Bloch) and a pair of knee highs (Hema). I dance in socks as I take Jazz/ Musical/ Lyrical classes and so you need to be able to slide over the floor. In winter I wear tights to keep my legs warm. For my Bodycombat/ aerobics oriented classes I like to wear another sleeveless loose fitting top (H&M), running leggings (H&M) and my trusty pair of Reebok workout shoes. Since I tend to sweat more during these classes than dance class, I don’t like wearing tights. Instead I wear leggings which H&M sells as part of their running line. They slide down at first but start to cling once you get sweaty. However, since they are made out of a breathable material they never feel sticky.

Dance class/ Bodycombat/ Aerobics classes (summer)

The main difference between a summer and a winter outfit are my bottoms. For dance class I switch things up and wear a longer pair of shorts (by Adidas) without the tights. The top half remains the same. I still wear a pair of trusty knee highs (Forever 21) because else I bang up my legs every time I have to do floor work. I make a similar change for my Bodycombat class: I simply wear a pair of running shorts (H&M), but I also opt for tighter shorts. I always wear a bra top (H&M) over my sports bra (Hunkemoller). You tend to jump, run and do other things that don’t help when you’re blessed in the boobie department. So double bra it is!

Spinning class

Yes, I have a separate outfit for Spinning classes. I wear a pair of tight capri work out pants (H&M) and a top that has sleeves (H&M). The air conditioning in the room is behind us and whenever I wore sleeveless tops I ended up with stiff shoulders after a class so I took to wearing sleeved tops. The pants are simply most comfortable and just wear the same shoes I wear for other work outs. I always wear my hair in a bun or pony tail while working out and I like to keep it out of my face with a stretchy hair band. I wear little to no make up (unless I forget to clean my face before I workout) as the feeling of melting foundation isn’t a pleasant one to me.

Reebok Realflex Move workout shoes

Last year I desperately needed a pair of workout shoes. My old ones made my feet hurt and when I found these bright colored ones I knew I wanted them. I tried them on in store, but found them cheaper on the Reebok website and ordered them from there. They are lightweight, comfortable and get the job done. My feet did have to get used to them though as my older ones didn’t have all this fancy technology.

What do you wear when you work out?

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