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Don’t you just love finding great make up products that are a steal? I sure do and when I found these lipsticks at my local HEMA, I was a very happy bunny. These lipsticks are budgetproof, stay on nicely, and don’t dry out your lips. Even better: the range comes in over 20 different shades from pretty nudes to vibrant reds. Today I am showing you 3 different shades from this Dutch budget line.

HEMA moisturising lipstick in 02, 05 and 19.

The packaging is black and made from a shiny plastic. It looks not too luxurious, but it’s not too cheap looking either. The lipsticks cost 3 euros each and the brand promises the following:

Een zijdezachte lipstick met hydraterende extracten die de droge lippenhuid verzachten, soepel en glad maken

  • Verzorgende lippenstift
  • helpt lippen zacht en soepel te houden
  • dekkende kleur

A quick translation tells us that HEMA promises that these lipsticks contain nourishing ingredients that make your lips smooth and moisturized. They also promise a good pigmentation and colors that provide good coverage. The lipsticks have a smooth and creamy texture and indeed have good pigmentation (see picture below). Because of the creamy texture, these lipsticks do need a touch up every 2 – 3 hours, especially after a meal. However, the brighter colors do provide your lips with a slight stain so these lipsticks do withstand a drink or two.

The lipsticks adhere to dry or chapped lips, so especially with brighter colors a good scrub is necessary before applying these. The plus side is that these lipsticks are indeed moisturizing. I can easily forego lipbalm when wearing these and they keep my lips moisturized all day. Let’s have a look at each of these colors individually. There are no swatches on my lips of all of these lipsticks. My lips tend to oppose to lipstick swatches as I get a red rim around my mouth (allergic reaction?) whenever I take off lipstick with a make up remover.

Swatches: 02, 05 & 19

Close up no. 02

The first lipstick is no. 02: a frosty looking nude. There are two things I’m never too fond of in lipsticks: frosty finishes and nude colors. This lipsticks combines both and I love it despite all these potential hazards. That’s why this is the only lipstick of which I have a swatch on my lips. I am wearing this exact lipstick in my latest 30 Day Make Up Challenge look. The nude color easily covers up my natural lip color and the frosty texture is not too shiny or metallic. To me, it’s almost as if I simply applied a lipgloss over the lipstick, which of course, I didn’t. I find it a very flattering nude color as well, as it has a hint of orange in it and isn’t too ‘concealer’ like and prevents the ‘look-of-death’ which I get with most nude lipsticks. That’s the first 3 euros well spend!

Close up no. 05

The first lipstick I tried in this line was no. 05. This bright fuchsia pink color does have a shiny look to it, but that’s the moisture. The color itself is void of any shine or frost which makes this a great bright colored lipstick for spring. I wore this quite a few times when I first bought it last spring and I remember this color lasting better than the nude color, because it stains my lips a bit and thus lasts longer. As you can see on the swatch the pigmentation is brilliant: the color goes on opaque in one motion. This is a great budget option if you’re looking for a fun, bright pink lipstick to wear. It simply livens up any standard make up look. I have no swatch of this on my lips as it’s not a color I tend to wear during winter months.

Close up no. 19

In the range you can also find quite a few reds. Since one of my biggest weaknesses is red lipstick, I decided to pick up a red to get a nice set of colors to show you. No. 19 is a brighter, slightly pink/ raspberry toned red, which is a nice change up from classic blue toned reds or orange toned reds (which I already have plenty of). The pigmentation is spot on, like with no. 05. One sweep gave me the swatch you can see in the picture above. Again, this color has a sheen to it because it’s a moisturising and creamy lipstick. The color itself contains no frost or shimmer, which makes this a very wearable red. I think the color is also a great one for spring/ summer as it is a brighter than your average, bog standard reds, which you can find in most drugstores. A great pick if you’re in the market for a red lipstick, but on a budget.

These lipsticks are definitely a budget beauty favorite of mine. At only 3 euros each, these lipsticks are cheap and the color range is amazing. It does take some effort to find the right colors in the line as some of them are a bit old lady like or super frosty looking. Luckily, there are plenty of testers around in the stores, but you can also order these online from the HEMA website if you’re located in The Netherlands. If you don’t want to spend too much on a lipstick or are simply looking to buy one to try lipstick for the first time: then these are definitely for you.

What is your opinion of the HEMA moisturising lipsticks?

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  1. axelleeee Avatar

    mooie kleurtjes

  2. chiarapastoor Avatar

    Mooi pigment hebben ze!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Niet slecht he voor een simpel Hema lipstickje?

  3. Simone Diederich Avatar

    Mooie kleuren!

  4. Mrs L Elsmore Avatar
    Mrs L Elsmore

    I agree 02 moisturising HEMA is a great product , but I cant find it on line to buy in the UK,
    only 01 and 03……..
    Any chance you could tell me where I can track it down ?
    Many Thanks
    Mrs Lou Elsmore

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Since this is an older post, I’m afraid that I don’t know whether these shades are all still available. Hema has done a huge changeover in their beauty range since I wrote this blog post.

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