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H&M and make up isn’t exactly the best of combinations in my experience. Some of their beauty products are nice, but more often than not, the make up is badly pigmented or just not that special. On one of my frequent browses through their webshop, I found a number of lip products that seemed interesting. I picked up a liptint and two lipsticks to see how I like them. Here’s my initial thoughts on them.

H&M liptint in Raspberry Red, Matte lipstick in Christie and a lipstick in Fierce.

H&M liptint in Raspberry Red

Let’s start with surprise number 1 shall we? I am not a massive fan of liptints and lipstains as usually they are quite sheer and meant to only give you a hint of color. My lips have a fairly dark colors, so anything transparent simply doesn’t show up. So you can imagine my surprise when I swatch this baby. That one, teeny tiny drop of product made the swatch in the picture. Hello! Can you say pigmentation? The texture is creamy and stains a little bit as well. I was left with a bit of a mark on my hand after this swatch. The color is amazing too. Indeed, as the name says: a raspberry red that reminds me of summer when fresh raspberries are around. The only problem I see here is: how do I get this on my lips? With a brush of course, but fingers might work as well.

Matte lipstick in Christie

Next surprise: a boom in your face bluetoned fuchsia color. This color is only for daredevils and as you will be able to see below: it’s well pigmented so sheering it out might be an option if this color scares you a tad. The texture is a bit strange though. I have other matte lipsticks and those still feel and look smooth. This one, doesn’t. It’s creamy but at the same time a bit crumbly. You can see it in the swatch. I think that is a bit of a downside to this lipstick as you’ll never know where those crumbles might go.

Lipstick in Fierce

Last but not least, is a regular lipstick. It is again a well-pigmented lipstick and the texture is creamy. There’s a bit of shine to it which I don’t mind. The color is a coral pink that seems to be a bit on the sheer side. Good every day color if you’re looking for a bit more oomph in your look. For a color named Fierce, it’s not as fierce I’d imagined it to be when I ordered it.

Close ups

Swatches: Christie & Fierce

H&M lip products are budgetproof. The liptint costs 3.95 and each lipstick retails for 4.95. A bit more expensive than most budget brands, but nonetheless some colors that are worth your while. I am liking these and the colors are perfect for spring/ summer. You bet I’ll bring these out as temperatures warm up.

Have you ever tried H&M make up products?

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  1. hi.. greetings from Indonesia,
    i just found your blog and fall in love so i decided to follow you 🙂
    i’ve read some review products, thank you for always give swatches.

    for this H&M lip products, i must say, i’m not a big fan of the packaging, it really doesn’t interest me somehow. or maybe because i haven’t seen it with my eyes and touch them in person, because H&M here doesn’t have the beauty products.

    I like the liptint though, it’s a beautiful color.

    Thank you.

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