My 5 favorite dresses and how I style them

My favorite clothing item? A dress. Why? Because they’re versatile, can be worn any season and easy to style. It took a while to find my girly side and accept the ultimately feminine clothing item, but once I did there was no going back. I own so many dresses now that they have stopped fitting into my wardrobe. Today I’m showing you my 5 favorite dresses of the moment. And to make this post all the more interesting I’m not only showing you the dress, but also how I wear them. I even curled my hair for the occasion…

The 5 dresses all together

1.) Forever 21 daisy print dress

I bought this dress from Forever 21 in Birmingham last year. I fell in love with the daisy print and the light blue color. It’s a perfect dress for spring. From the flowy skirt to the ditsy pleats and puffed up sleeves: this dress has everything going for that cutesy girly look. I like to pair this with a mustard yellow colored cardigan from ZARA, a tan colored belt with gold detail from Primark, tan brogues from Ebay and sheer tights, just in case it gets cold. Brogues are my favorite type of shoes for pairing with dresses and these ones from Ebay are suprisingly holding up very nicely. Cute and girly, but not too much.

2.) Club L houndstooth skater dress (via Asos)

I love everything about this dress. The print for one, but also the super flared out skirt. I initially wanted to include a picture to show you the effect, but you could see a bit too much leg in it: that’s how much this flares up when you spin round. Another fun thing about this dress is the pied-de-poule print, which is blown up and brings the dress from cute to just that bit more special. Since the dress is black and white I paired it with a bright red leather belt from Pieces for a pop of color and matched my toe nails. To stick to the overall monochrome look, I wore my strappy black and white heels from Sacha. I tend to wear this ensemble during summer, so no need for cardigans or anything else to keep warm.

3.) Cobalt blue structured bodycon dress (Mango)

Once in a while, I like taking a break from skater dresses. I tend to wear those most often as I find them most flattering for my shape. However, at times I like to play up the curves rather than hide them. And I do that by putting on a bodycon style dress. This blue number is especially a favorite, because the fabric is so thick and textures that it allows me to play up the curves and doesn’t cling in any places where I don’t want it to cling. Plus I find that blue lifts up my hair color. Since the dress is too long in the torso department I have to fold it around my waistline but I don’t mind. The fluffy oatmeal cardigan is by River Island and I love how the texture of that cardigan contrasts with the sleeker looking dress. The taupe tights are by H&M and the shoes are desert boots by Clarks (color is Wolf). See, sturdy flats also go with dresses!

4.) Baroque print dress by Love (via Topshop)

Another dress from the UK! I purchased this dress on my last visit to England, last October and fell in love with it instantly. I remember taking this into the fitting room and hoping it would fit and it did! If I had to pick a favorite dress from all these favorites, it would be this one. The green and orange print isn’t something you’ll usually find and I managed to find a pair of heels in my shoe collection that totally plays up the orange. Not only that, but it also gives off a tad of a 70s vibe, which goes remarkably well with the almost psychedelic print of the dress. The shoes are by Van Haren (Halle Berry collection), tights are by Primark, three-quarter length sleeve cardigan is by GAP.

5.) Cream lace H&M dress

One thing I like to do with any dress I wear, especially during colder months, is pair a ditsy, girly number, with tougher items. A knit cardigan or a pair of trusty Dr. Marten’s are the usual suspects for creating the mixture between cute and tough. Out of all the dresses I own, I guess the texture you’ll find most in the collection, is lace. I think I have a lace dress in almost every color of the rainbow, except maybe yellow. So this post had to include one. Paired with a burgundy cardigan (ZARA) and black tights (Primark), belt (came with a dress), and shoes (Dr. Marten’s 1461), this is one of my go to winter looks. Lose the tights and pair with bright colored sandals and you’re good to go for spring and summer.

How do you style your favorite dress?

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  1. Wat een leuk artikel! Dress 1,2 en 4 vind ik geweldig, deze zou ik zelf ook zo kopen! Ik draag jurkjes meestal met panty of legging en afhankelijk van het weer met vestje of jasje.

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