Monthly Favorites (March 2014)

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time again to show you some of the things that I have been enjoying lately. Care to know what books I’m digging? Which TV series I’m watching? What make up items surprised me? And what my favorite pair of jeans is? Then keep on reading!

1.) NYX champagne & caviar eyeshadow palette – The Runway Collection

My first favorite is this NYX eyeshadow palette. Apart from the lovely neutral shades that it features, the main reason for my dubbing this a favorite, is the large mirror. I spent a few weekends with my parents during this past month and so I thought it handy to bring it along. The large mirror allows me to do my make up on the go or at their dinner table without a fuss.

2.) Primark inhouse/ lounge/ pj pants with cassette tape print

One of my favorite clothing items that I bought in recent weeks. A Primark opened not too long ago near my parents’ place so me and my mom decided to pay a visit. I picked up these awesomely cool pj bottoms covered in cassette tape print. It makes me want to take out my old cassette tapes and listen to the mix tapes I made when I was 16!

3.) Playing records and listening to music dating pre 1975

Talking about going back in time, I recently took a profound liking to listening to older music and digging through my record collection. I grew up listening to my parents’ music as a kid and I sort of took it with me. So I tend to go through phases where I listen to the sounds of my childhood as well as plenty of music which I discovered on my own. There has been plenty a night where I brought out some Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin and Beatles records to play. While wearing the pj bottoms above of course.

4.) Lush Flying Fox shower gel

On to my favorite shower gel of all time: Lush Flying Fox shower gel. The scent of this isn’t for everyone, but I absolutely love using this during a ‘just-before-bedtime’ shower. Since I love this stuff so much a full review will be up in due time.

5.) HEMA Wholemeal Rye Crispbread Sesame (wheat free, budget proof)

For anyone looking for a budget proof wheat free cracker: I have found it! HEMA sells these delicious 4 ingredient crackers at only 1 euro a pack. The product contains no added sugar and is made with rye instead of wheat. Hip hip hooray! Not only are the allergy proof and budget proof but also, they pack, no unnecessary filler ingredients such as sugar, flavorings or artificial E-numbers.

6.) Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

It took me a long time to contemplate whether I should or shouldn’t include these. I very badly want to love these books but after reading 3 of them, I feel that what has happened in 3 books, could have easily been just one. However, I do like the story (though I miss a lot of background on the actual world, different types of demons etc.) and for some reason I just keep on reading it anyway. Since it’s such an easy read you can plow through one of these volumes very quickly. And even me, who’s dealing with a diminished attention span, can read one of these in 2 days. So if you’re looking for a fun read that doesn’t take up too much headspace: this is for you!

7.) Catrice Eyebrow powder set

I already showed you this powder in my recent budget make up shoplog and I can already tell you: I’m in love! Beats my Anastasia brow powder and MAC Omega eyeshadow by a mile. And this costs about a 5th of those products. A rave review will follow shortly.

8.) Topshop Jaimie & Joni jeans

Something terrible has happened! I have taken to wearing jeans again. This dress loving girl, has finally found the PERFECT jeans. And I didn’t find one, no I found two! Topshop does the Jamie (on the left) and the Joni (on the right) jeans and both are A+Amazing.  Both are highwaisted, the Joni’s are even a bit higher than the Jaimie’s and I would say the Jaimie’s are more of a traditional jeans but the Joni’s are more of a jegging type product. They are insanely comfortable and the best part: they come in a 30″ inseam! More on these lovely pairs of jeans will be coming up in a yet to come spring wardrobe update shoplog.

9.) Catrice Josephine’s Joy lipstick (Feathers and Pearls LE)

Already featured in Friday’s 30 day make up challenge look, this red lipstick by Catrice is quickly becoming my favorite red lipstick. It’s a sultry classic red, that goes on smoothly, stays on nicely and amps up any look. Too bad it’s limited edition: Catrice put this color in your regular line, pretty please?!

10.) TV series Borgen

Last but not least: my current favorite TV series. I have only watched two episodes of season one of this but oh man, I can tell you, this is good stuff. Borgen is a Danish TV series revolving around the career of Moderaten party leader Birgitte Nyborg who unexpectedly becomes the first female prime minister of Denmark. Well done series which shows you the inner workings of democratic politics. And even though politics may sound as a boring topic, this series is anything but. From sudden deaths to foul political games: you’re already treated to them in the first episode. It had me on the edge of my seat, rooting for Birgitte. The only thing that takes some getting used to is the Danish language, but for some reason that only adds to the series. Watch the trailer for the first season below:

What have you been digging this month?

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  1. Het eerste palette ziet er echt heel mooi uit. Naar die douchegel van Lush ben ik ook erg nieuwsgierig, ik ken de geur nog niet!

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