Daily posts ?!?

It may be April Fool’s but this is not a joke. I have an announcement to make regarding this blog and I hope it is a happy one for all. As of this week, I intend to switch back to daily blogs. Why? Read below!

1.) I like it!

Where last year I felt a bit lackluster regarding blogging, I have rekindled my love for this space and I have enjoyed it as much as I first began. One piece of advice my therapist gave me is to do more things I enjoy doing. And since I’ve been liking it so much, I think this will very much count as doing something I enjoy.

2.) I’m bubbling with ideas

That’s right! I have over 70 blog ideas all planned out and ready to go and I am working on more as we speak. If I keep up the ‘every other day’ schedule, I will not be able to blog about what I’ve come up with now until summer and by then I may not feel as enthusiastic about things. I just want to put them out there.

3.) I have time to do it

At least I think I do. Energy levels are still a bit up and down at times, but I think if I give myself something to do that will also help to maintain a more regular rhythm, it will help level things out. Plus, the way things are going right now, I am not feeling well enough to be going back to work any time soon, but I do feel well enough to put a little something extra in my day.

4.) It takes my mind off of things

As of late, with my being home because of my burn out, things haven’t been looking up for me. Having this space and getting sweet comments and a Liebster Award nomination and all your other wonderful feedback makes me happy and puts a smile on my face no matter what. It helps dealing with this thing called life.

5.) I gives purpose to my day

I am one of those people who simply can’t sit still for very long. I feel I have to do something. Always. Since I still get tired very quickly, anything constructive is out of the question. But blogging is something I can do whenever I feel okay. There is no time constraint and if I don’t have something up the next day: no hard feelings. If I were to succeed however, it will also help me to feel better. It will give me a sense of accomplishment that I haven’t felt since I graduated last September.

So all in all, I have 5 very good reasons to try and pick up the blogging pace. Whether it will work, remains to be seen. I have a few fairly busy weeks coming up, with lots of appointments and reflection time needed. So don’t shoot me if I end up not succeeding. I just thought I’d give it a go, as I used to blog daily until a year ago and due to work, I simply couldn’t blog as often anymore. I may do it for a month, a week, 6 months, a year or until the end of summer, who’ll know. I’m just gonna do what I feel is right. And right now I feel I should write something every day. I have a schedule in mind, but I won’t be starting that until next week, because I’m a sucker for neatness and so I cannot start a schedule halfway through. Day 1 has to start on a Monday! So as of Monday there will be a schedule with similar type posts on the same day every week. As for right now: you can expect a new blog tomorrow. Cheers!

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  1. karinmeerbeauty says:

    Yeah leuk! Nieuw leesvoer 😉 Bij mij ligt het bloggen ook f stil omdat ik gewoon even geen zin had afgelopen weken. Maar langzamerhand begint het weer te kriebelen hihi. Nu het wat rustiger in m’n hoofd is wil ik het ook weer op gaan pakken van de week.

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Snap ik, met zo’n BSB tour er tussendoor is dat lastig. 😉

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