Dior Transat 2014: Nude Shimmer & Nude Tan

“I’ve been a bad bad girl” sings Fiona Apple’s and well, so have I. Where Fiona blames herself for playing with a man’s feelings, I am to blame for doing some serious damage when the new Dior Transat summer collection hit stores last week. When it comes to luxury brands I usually let the products slide: too expensive, not worth it, I can find something equally good or even better at a cheaper price, yada yada yada. But then I saw the pictures of the 2014 summer collection by Dior and I knew that at least two of the powders and potentially one of the eyeshadow palettes had my name written all over them. In store, I swatched the eyeshadow palette and deemed it not special enough to justify paying 55 euros for 5 eyeshadows. But when I swatched the Nude Shimmer and Nude Tan face powders I fell in love. And so I caved. Behold the prettiness in too many pictures, but I’m sure you won’t mind that.

DiorSkin Nude Shimmer 001 Rose/ Pink

DiorSkin Nude Tan Transat edition

As you can see I bought the pink shimmer powder and the gold highlighter from this collection. I did not own any Dior powders yet and one item still on my wishlist was a pink Dior blush. When I first saw the pink shimmer powder I thought it might make a good blush since I’m pretty fair skinned. The gold highlighter wasn’t high on my list, until I saw swatches on another blog and knew: when I swatch this in store and it looks as pretty, I know this baby has to be mine. I had decided beforehand that I could buy either both powders or a powder and the Sundeck eyeshadow palette. I had a look at all three and I eventually took home these two because, like I said, I didn’t own any Dior powders before this yet and I do have Dior eyeshadow and I thought: I already have so many brown eyeshadows, so this one isn’t special enough. The powders however are special. From the packaging to the texture, color and working of these powders: it all screams luxury and high end.

As always these Dior products come in the most gorgeous packaging. From the shiny navy blue boxes they come in to the compacts itself. Each box comes with this slide out insert in which you will find a mirrored compact and a small kabuki brush. Underneath the compact you will find the staple velvet dustbag pouch that each Dior compact comes with. This allows you to store the compact nicely as well as protecting it from scratches and dust in case you plan on packing this in your purse. The brush is a nice extra: they are pretty good quality brushes. The Nude Tan one is white and the Nude Shimmer one is black/ brown but both feel equally soft and dense. They are small though so I wouldn’t use these brushes with these powders, but I think they might make good highlighter and bronzer brushes for on the go.

Mini kabukis, dustbag and instructions?

On to the actual compact. Both powders come in identical compacts: a silver mirrored compact which is embossed with the stereotypical Dior cannage or cushion (as I like to call it) look. According to the information that came with the Nude Shimmer powder, the case is made of white bronze which would explain the luxurious, heavy feel. The closure is magnetized which means this baby snaps shut with ease and needs no difficult manoeuvrings to be opened. It’s sleek, it’s sophisticated and it comes with a good sized mirror in the top. Even if these powders weren’t that good, this packaging is so awe-worthy that it would almost make up for it. Thankfully, these powders are as amazing as you’d expect.

Let’s start of by looking at Nude Shimmer 001 Rose/ Pink. According to Dior, this powder contains mother-of-pearl and pigments which together form a light veil which can be applied to the round areas of the face to create a naturally dazzling glow. The color is said to adapt to all skin tones and types of light and makes your skin look radiant with vitality. To top things off, the powder contains orange extract to help your skin with each application. It is advised to apply this powder from the temples to the tops of the cheeks in a C shape, on the bridge of the nose, chin and forehead. Since I bought this powder to serve as a blush I will only be using it on my cheeks and temples: for my fair skin this powder is too pigmented to go anywhere else. I’m sure if you’ve got darker skin this can function as a highlight as it is indeed a very glowing blush, but without containing glitter.

Can you see that subtle shimmer all over the powder? Like I said: shimmer but not glitter. I am usually not someone who favors shimmery blushes as it can highlight uneven skin, but since this truly gives your cheeks a nice glow in addition to a splash of color, I feel this is a great blush for spring/ summer. From the color to the nicely embossed pattern to the different shades of pink that are evenly distributed through the compact: this blush is exactly what I had hoped for when I thought of buying a Dior blush.

Now on to the star of the show, in the most literal sense of the word: Nude Tan Transat edition. This is a limited edition powder, which is the most beautiful gold shimmer I have ever laid eyes on. The powder has a delicate rope pattern and according to Dior it creates absolute radiance on the skin. The finely milled iridescent pigments create a soft golden glow on the skin as if kissed by the sun. It should go on as smoothly as a summer breeze and is again meant to be a highlight. And that was also my intention when buying this. It is again void of glitter, but instead creates the most beautiful shine which will look amazing when applied to the tops of your cheeks, bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow.

*Cue the sound of angels singing*. Just take a moment took look at it again. Scroll back up if you have to. Isn’t that the most gorgeous highlighter you’ve ever seen? The rope pattern, the shine coming off this product are what makes this product the star of the show and for good reason. This powder feels like butter, goes on like a charm and creates a glow none of my other highlighters achieve. It’s easy to blend and you only need a little to create the effect you want. I even used this as an inner corner highlight and it even worked there. Yes, this is definitely and instant favorite.

To show you just how shimmery these powders are, I took pictures with flash, just to show you the contrast.

No flash


Shine, shimmer, but not glitter. Just the way a highlighter or glowing blush should be. And if you don’t believe me yet, have a look at the swatches below:

Top: swatches on my fingers (hello pigment!)

Middle: swatches in daylight
(the four swatches in the middle are the 4 different pink colors)

Bottom: swatches in sunlight (hello glow!)

Top: my cheek with Nude Shimmer 001 Rose/ Pink
Bottom: my cheek with Nude Shimmer and Nude Tan on top

To show you the effect and the difference between these two powders, I quickly took some pictures of these products on my cheeks. As you can see the Nude Shimmer powder definitely gives off enough color for this to be a blush on me. But it is also provides glow and radiance to my skin without really putting emphasis on the milia that just won’t budge. The second picture I’ve added Nude Tan Transat edition on top of the blush. As you can see this powder provides a much stronger glow. It’s shimmery but not glittery. It looks like it’s supposed to be there: it looks natural and healthy.

Last but not least, I received this gift with my purchase. Either the lady took pity on me, or it’s policy to get a free gift if you spend a certain amount on Dior products. I’m guessing the latter. The gift came in this super pretty box. Inside there was wrapping paper with the Dior logo printed on it and wrapped inside were an eyecream sample and a mini mascara. I was also gifted another two skincare samples. So I’m currently surrounded by Dior stuff. Though I think I will be keeping the samples for when I’m going on vacation later this year.

And that’s it! Kudos to you if you made it to the end. But there was so much goodness to show you, I just couldn’t resist making this a much longer post than average. I hope you enjoyed and I will be back tomorrow.

What Dior products are on your wishlist?

I am fully aware these products are super expensive and not something anyone would or could just go out and buy.
But please don’t judge. I am aware of how much money this was and I am also aware that I am privileged to be able to afford such a purchase.

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