Week in pictures #1

Since I’ve been home, one of the questions I get asked the most by people is: so what do you do all day? This inspired me to do my very first Week in Pictures. Tons of bloggers do these, but I find my life not interesting enough to be doing these on a regular basis. Not this week, but the week before that I ended with some fun things to do and so I thought I would take some pictures to show you what it is I do on a daily basis. This of course isn’t my normal situation as I am still at home with a burn out, but this will give you a peek into how I run my days now that I’m on the road to recovery. I had some appointments, did some stuff for the blog and prepped some nice meals.



Reading blogs while having breakfast. This is my standard morning routine

Nails done! Essie Cute as a Button and two fingers with Golden Rose Carnival top coat

Time for make up! I put the make up I want to use on top of my dresser

OOTD: dress H&M, cardigan Urban Outfitters, shoes H&M, sunglasses H&M
I headed out to meet someone for an interview


I was rudely awakened by my DIY’ing neighbor.
This may not seem early but I still need a lot of sleep. I go to bed somewhere between 11 and midnight and sleep until 10 AM.

Part of my breakfast was a glass of beetroot & elderberry juice

Doctor’s appointment
I am seeing my doctor, my work doctor, a coach, a physiotherapist AND a psychologist to sort things out. Luckily I don’t have to go there all at once.

After all that hard work it was time for ice cream along the canal to catch some sun rays.

Sunglasses: RayBan Clubmasters

When I got home I found this package on the door mat. Woohoo!

What’s that? Yups I attempted to film an updated shoe collection. Not sure how it went though. I think I may have to redo it.

Pamper time! Too bad this face mask wasn’t too my liking.


Sandwich time! Once every 2 – 3 months I crave bread and so I caved and bought some spelt bread from my local organic supermarket.

My PJs close up (daisies!) and what music to play?

Look book time! This outfit didn’t make the cut. First installment will be up next week.

Dinner time: banana pancakes with oats and coconut sugar,
salad on the side and that red stuff are frozen raspberries that I heated up to go with the pancakes.

Wednesday night = dance class night.
This was my outfit: knee highs, footless tights, dance shorts, sports bra top and a baggy racer back shirt.
I just threw on a cardigan to keep myself from getting to cold as I went to and from the ballet school.

Post work out snack


My physiotherapist called in sick so time to run some errands.
I’m wearing a pink dress by Club L via Asos, a white blazer by H&m and my loafers are from Primark.
Bag is from a street vendor in New York. Sunglasses are again the RayBan Clubmasters.

I love this city!

Watching a documentary online

Later that night I watched some more episodes of Borgen with a cup of tea to keep me company of course.


Getting tickets to see Ed Sheeran on November 3rd!
Had some trouble getting onto the Ticketmaster website, so my friend ended up buying them for me in the end.

Smoothie time! I usually have salads for lunch, but on Fridays I make smoothies.
This had strawberry, basil (!), banana, spinach, flaxseeds and hempseeds.

Signed up for the government traineeship programme. Let’s see if I can make it through the selection!

Still had to swatch the Vice 2 palette for Monday’s post

I was craving liquorice after banging my brain during the online tests for the government traineeship.
I came home with a few bits more than I had anticipated.


Saturday means grocery time. This was my list.
At the top right I write what I need from the organic super market, the longer list on the left is supermarket and that other smaller list is farmer’s market.

Lunch: 2x raw herring with onions. Best. Lunch. Ever.

Dishes: done!
The rest of the day I just lounged around watching more Borgen and visited a friend.


Making a late breakfast/ lunch combo: buckwheat porridge!
I added cocoa nibs, coconut shreds, flaxseeds and coconut blossom sugar.

Sunday was declared PJ day. I slept in, and lounged around in my PJs all day long.
My week had been a tad too busy so it took its toll on Sunday and I was super tired. I ended up on the couch with Vogue and more Borgen episodes.

I did manage to make this pasta salad for dinner.
I made a spinach pesto and just added lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, pine nuts and grilled salmon.

That was my week! I have another busy week ahead of me (I have a different appointment every day starting today). But that includes fun things such as friends and family’s birthdays and I’m going to see Justin Timberlake with my best friend! I’m planning t0 not take pictures of my activities, but of all of my outfits. Let’s see if that works out.

What are you up to this week?

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