Song(s) of the week #1

Music is one thing that literally makes my world go round, so when it comes to daily posts, I’ve decided that music needs a regular spot on the blog. My aim is to have a music related blog post once a week. Where I already have a regular blog post entitled Music of the Moment, which will of course return, I have come up with some new themes. In Music of the Moment I tend to list songs that are newly acquired, but because of that format, stuff that I’ve been listening to for a while get lost in the mayhem of it all. That’s why I’ve decided to split up the two. So from now on: new music in Music of the Moment and any other song or songs that strike me during a specific time will be titled Song(s) of the Week. This is the first installment. Enjoy the randomness as today I have 6 songs for you. 5 of them indie gems which I hadn’t shared on here yet and an oldie but goodie musical song.

Elephant – Shapeshifter

Need a tune to warm up your late spring evenings? Look no further because you’ve just found it. Sublime track with the immediate effect that you want it to be summer. Now. Pronto!

Eli & Fur – You’re so High

I love the whole retro 90s dance throwback tracks that are out there. This is one of those tracks. With a bit more oomph and sexy breathy lyrics.

Hiatus – Empress (ft. Hayedeh)

Weirdest song in the list by far, but oh so beautiful. Chillwave to the max! Nice electronic base with repetitive piano melodies. What makes this song special are the vocals though: they’re sampled from a Persian singer. Perfect mix between cultures and sound.

Hockey – Defeat on the Double Bass Line

Hailed as one the bands to watch a few years ago, Hockey released this unique track last year. I love the blend of the booming bassline and minimal instrumentation that reminds me of the 80s. I hadn’t heard this song in a while, but it came on and just got stuck in my head. This is great on repeat.

Island Cassettes – Dodo

This song breathes SPRING! From the tweeting birds in the background to the happy guitar riff, this song just makes me want to dance in a field filled with daisies in my bare feet.

Jennifer Holiday – You’re Gonna Love Me (And I am telling you – Dream Girls)

Who’s seen this movie? Then you may remember that Jennifer Hudson who won an Oscar for her supporting role and mainly for singing this song. Well forget that. And listen to the original. Woman can sing! For those of you who need some drama in their lives and want to be awed by the abilities of one woman’s vocal chords. I get goosebumps whenever I hear this. Oh and did I mention it’s the best break up song ever?

What songs have you been loving?

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