Happy Moments #1

Happy Sunday everyone! There are plenty of things that make me happy and I thought it would be fun to start sharing these with you. My first 10 happy moments from the past few months are:

  • Concerts,

Because live music is the best

  • Unexpected gifts from friends & family,

Because they lift my spirits

  • Nailing a dish you’re cooking for the first time,

Because good food = instant happiness

  • Getting a full night’s sleep,

Because that is sometimes still a rare thing on my road of recovery

  • Planning summer travels,

Because there is nothing better than being in a different city, meet new people and explore the world

  • Cleaning up & reorganizing my stuff,

Because it creates order in the chaos

  • Finding Tony Chocolonely with caramel and sea salt <3,

Because it is simply THE BEST chocolate bar ever

  • Grocery shopping,

Because I get to buy the foods that make me happy and keep me healthy

  • New music,

Because music makes my world go round

  • Chilling with an easy to read book,

Because it takes my mind off of things and is the best escape

And to have a soundtrack to your day, I suggest you listen to this song:

Enjoy your Sunday and leave a comment below with your happy moments!

4 responses to “Happy Moments #1”

  1. Such a lovely quote, and it’s really true, too. I should live by this more… Oh and I also love getting a full night’s sleep, it’s amazing the kind of difference it can make!

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