What I Eat #16

In my personal update from last month I wrote that I had been getting some more energy to do some extra cooking and baking and boy have I been busy in my kitchen. This posts tracks some the meals I’ve had in the first 2.5 weeks of May, but I already have some extra pictures waiting for a What I Eat #17 as I couldn’t fit them all in this one. I’ve mainly been trying some different breakfasts, made good use of left overs from my King’s day dinner and I made sushi for the first time without giving myself a stomachache afterwards.

Homemade sushi

Before we dive into the usual suspects, I would like to share with you the meal I’m always most proud of whenever I make it. Nothing can beat homemade sushi. Here I’ve used salmon, cucumber, avocado and cream cheese to make the rolls. Usually sushi gives me a stomachache, but now I’m using Tamari soy sauce, which is gluten free and lo and behold: no stomachaches.


Banana soft serve

Bacon egg muffins with veggies and cheese

For breakfast I’ve been trying some different things from my usual yoghurt and superfoodmix concoction. The first option is a banana soft serve which was nice, but both times a bit too much. All it is, is 2 frozen bananas (just slice 2 bananas and chuck in your freezer the night before) blended with a liquid of your choice. I went with pear juice and milk in these. I want to try coconut milk next as both of these were a bit sickly sweet by the time I got to the end of the bowl. Next are bacon egg muffins which I stuffed with cheese, spring onions, red bell pepper, spinach and flax seed. It took some time to prep them but once done you get a super filling and delicious breakfast that you can keep in your fridge and heat up in the microwave for a quick fix in the morning.


Left over salad with rocket mixed lettuce, cucumber, assorted raw nuts, seeds, quinoa and some avocado
Rye bread with goat’s cheese & mustard and a rice cake with no added sugar apricot jam

Simple salad with cucumber, trout and alfalfa
Almost caprese salad with tomato and brie instead of mozzarella

First up is a salad that I whipped up with whatever was left in the fridge which turned out surprisingly nice and filling. I’ve also taken to having simple meals in the afternoon and have refound my love for rye bread, sliced goat’s cheese and sugar free jam! More salads because salads are just the best: it’s versatile, it’s colorful and you can do whatever you want and you will eat tons of veggies without really noticing it.


Blueberry bread french toast with coconut sugar
Left over snacks with homemade dip and a glass of OJ

Stuffed zucchini boats with vegan bean burgers
Pesto pasta with lots of cheese and a cucumber-tomato salad

Remember my King’s day pancake party? Well I had tons of left overs so I spend most the rest of that week making my way through them. I hate wasting food so I always combine them into different meals or do something else with it so I can still eat it. I whipped up some french toast and had some of the veggies and cheese as a snackfest dinner. The last two meals are a bit more recent and were both super delicious.


Blueberry smoothie, pineapple-spinach smoothie, melon-apple-spinach smoothie, carrot-melon smoothie

And of course I made some smoothies as well. Most of these contain some type of veggie, but unluckily for me some of these were more successful than others. The combinations with melon weren’t my favorite, too watery for me taste. Next time I’ll be eating melon straight up again!

What’s the favorite dish you had so far this month?

3 responses to “What I Eat #16”

  1. Really need to get back to eating more healthy (again!). Never thought of carrot in a smoothie might try that! I pack so much into a smoothie but I do love them.

    I think favourite dish has been fish with roasted veggies.

    • It’s quite nice to put a carrot into a smoothie from time to time. Not all blenders blend it properly though, so make sure it’s powerful enough.

  2. […] Rye – is great for substituting wheat in crispbread and other bread like options. I love having rye crisp bread with avocado and a boiled egg and lately I’ve been topping it with hummus as well. Another way I love to have rye is in rye bread, preferably with cheese and lots of mustard, which you can see here. […]

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