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A little over a week ago I showed you the first part of my ever extending nail polish collection. Where last week I showed you the first part of my drugstore nail polish colors, I now proudly present my high end nail polish collection. By high end nail polish I mean brands that are specialized nail polish brands and often come at a higher price tag. I don’t own any super high end nail polish anymore though, (think: Chanel, Dior, YSL etc). The reason? I never really like the color selections they do and paying 20 euros or more for a single nail polish is a bit much to be honest. But if you enjoy a bit of OPI, China Glaze, Ciaté, Essie, Sally Hansen and Koh! then grab a cuppa and scroll down.

China Glaze

1. China Glaze Lemon Fizz
2. China Glaze Solar Power
3. China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
4. China Glaze Refresh Mint
5. China Glaze For Audrey
6. China Glaze Turned Up Turqoise
7. China Glaze Holly-Day
8. China Glaze Emerald Fitzgeral
9. China Glaze It’s a Trap-Eze!
10. China Glaze Sunset Sail11. China Glaze Classic Camel
12. China Glaze Peachykeen
13. China Glaze Life Preserver
14. China Glaze Surreal Appeal
15. China Glaze Strawberry Fields
16. China Glaze Bing Cherry
17. China Glaze Sugar Plums
18. China Glaze Midnight Kisses

One of my favorite nail polish brands is China Glaze. One of the only reasons why I don’t have that many of these despite my love for these polishes, is the fact that I can only buy these online. It makes it harder to judge the colors and whether I like them. I used to have some more yellows and other shades by China Glaze, but those are long gone as they didn’t live up to my expectations. My favorite China Glaze nail polish? For Audrey, Life Preserver, Bing Cherry (one of my favorite red nail polishes of all time!) and Strawberry Fields.


1. Essie Topless & Barefoot
2. Essie French Affair
3. Essie Nice is Nice
4. Essie Coat Azure
5. Essie In Stitches
6. Essie Cute as a Button
7. Essie Clambake
8. Essie After School Boy Blazer
9. Essie Dive Bar
10. Essie On a Silver Platter
11. Essie Stroke of Brilliance

My love for Essie has been evergrowing since it was introduced in Dutch drugstores. My first Essie polishes were the mini set and In Stitches. The only Essie polish that was rather disappointing to me was Clambake as it is a jelly type polish and shows my tips whenever I apply it. However, I’ve found it works wonders on my toes in summer. After School Boy Blazer and Cute as a Button are my favorites here.

High end random: Ciaté, Sally Hansen, Koh!

1. Ciaté Cookies and Cream
2. Ciaté Sugared Almonds
3. Ciaté Apple and Custard
4. Ciaté Sherbet Fizz
5. Ciaté Holiday Blues
6. Ciaté Skinny Jeans
7. Ciaté Strictly Legal
8. Ciaté Velvet Tuxedo
9. Ciaté Twilight
10. Sally Hansen Insta Dry Lightening
11. Sally Hansen Insta Dry Jumpin’ Jade
12. Koh Metallic Gree
13. Koh Neon Green
14. Koh Rain Forest
15. Koh Seaweed

On to the miscellaneous brands in my high end collection. I have a few Ciaté polishes which I all really like. The brush is great, the packaging cute, but they do start to shift quite quickly. There isn’t a color in here that I don’t like. Sally Hansen and Koh are two brands I don’t have a whole lot of different polishes from, but the ones I have, I like. Lightening by Sally Hansen is the best full on creamy yellow in my collection and as you can see I like Koh! for green nail polish.

Last but not least is OPI. And yes, I have a lot of OPI. I just love love love OPI nail polish. The colors are great, the texture is great (most of the time) and the textures are innovative and fun. I’m a big fan of their Liquid Sand finish, but their creams and glitters are also worth a mention. I’ve only ever had two nail polishes by OPI that I never really wore: Guy meets Galveston (from the Texas collection), a coral jelly that took hours to dry; and Lemonade Stand By Your Man, a yellow which wasn’t doing it for me. All other polishes I just love. My favorites? Mermaid’s Tears, The World is Not Enough, De-signer De Better, and all of the Liquid Sands!


1. OPI My Private Jet
2. OPI Tease-y Does It (Burlesque Collection)
3. OPI Midnight in Moscow
4. OPI Every Month is October Fest (Germany Collection)
5. OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight
6. OPI Diva of Geneva (Switzerland Collection)
7. OPI Sleigh Ride for Two (Mariah Carey Holiday Collection)
8. OPI Meet me on the Star Ferry
9. OPI I’m Not Really a Waitress
10. OPI The Show Must Go On (Burlesque Collection)
11. OPI Let Me Entertain You (Burlesque Collection)
12. OPI Yoga-Ta Get this Blue
13. OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui
14. OPI A Grape Fit!
15. OPI Green-wich Village
16. OPI Mermaid’s Tears (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection)
17. OPI That’s Berry Daring
18. OPI Hot & Spicy
19. OPI Melon of Troy
20. OPI Royal Flush Blush


1. OPI Don’t Bossanova me around (Brazil Collection)
2. OPI Tickle My France-y
3. OPI San Tan-tonio (Texas Collection)
4. OPI Over the Taupe
5. OPI Cozu-Melted in the Sun
6. OPI Rising Star (Burlesque Collection)
7. OPI Warm & Fozzie (Muppets Collection)
8. OPI All Sparkly & Gold (Mariah Carey Holiday Collection)
9. OPI Wonderous Star (Mariah Carey Holiday Collection)
10. OPI Designer… De Better (LE Muppet Collection)
11. OPI Number One Nemesis (Spider Man Collection)
12. OPI The World is Not Enough (James Bond Collection)
13. OPI Silver Shatter Topcoat
14. OPI Liquid Sands Jinx (Bond Girl Collection)
15. OPI Liquid Sands The Impossible (Mariah Carey Collection)
16. OPI Liquid Sand Vesper (Bond Girl Collection)
17. OPI Silent Stars go by (Mariah Carey Liquid Sand mini)
18. OPI Baby Please Come Home (Mariah Carey Liquid Sand mini)
19. OPI Make Him Mine (Mariah Carey Liquid Sand mini)
20. OPI Teenage Dream (Mini Katy Perry Collection)


1. OPI The One That Got Away (Mini Katy Perry Collection)
2.OPI Last Friday Night (Mini Katy Perry Collection)
3. OPI Not Like the Movies (Mini Katy Perry Collection)

As you can see the Teenage Dream mini has barely a swatch, but that’s because it’s completely dried out and I’m still trying to find a replacement for it. No luck yet, so if you know of a good dupe or maybe have a spare Teenage Dream you can miss, then feel free to let me know!

What’s your favorite high end nail polish brand?

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  1. Wauw; prachtige collecties heb je! Essie is echt mijn absolute favoriet! En van OPI heb ik geen enkel lakje; ik ben bang als ik daaraan beging ik er nooit vanaf kom dus ik stel het nog uit 😉

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