Personal update #5

May has been an amazing month for me. It got off on a rough start, but now, by the end of it, I have so much to look forward to in the next couple of weeks/ months and so much to look back on that I’m feeling very positive and super motivated. Yes, I’m not only feeling much better (again), but I also think that as of right now that will largely remain the same.

Switch/ Rewind: the beginning of May wasn’t fun though. It seems that every month I end on a high and then right at the beginning of the new month I hit some sort of snag that leaves me feeling blegh. Right now I’m just factoring in the fact that I am going to get some sort of set back to deal with in the next couple of weeks, just so that if it happens I’ll be able to deal with it a lot better. But anywho, early May I was struck by some weird flu that caused all of my muscles to ache. Nothing helped, apart from sleeping and lying on the couch. So that’s all I did for about a week.

I then went on to pick up the pace of things. I had some meetings with friends and family, went to the Kunsthal to catch the SHOES exhibition, went to our annual music listening day and had dinner with colleagues. I also started therapy with a psychologist and that is really helpful and going very well, so nothing but positive vibes because of that. I also saw my job coach again and I’ve figured out that despite everything, I still want to be a teacher. I just felt so lost because of all that happened to me in the past few months that I thought I didn’t like it anymore. Truth is, I still love to teach and now I know again why I do what I do. As Joni Mitchell put it: don’t it always seems to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

Last Monday I went to see my physiotherapist for the last time and as of next week week I’m starting a new type of therapy. My back and neck muscles still bother me and they have for years. So now it’s time to dig deeper (literally) and hopefully make it go away for good. I’m looking forward to starting my new therapy, but it’s also quite scary because I’ve never had it before and apparently you will feel out of whack for about 3 days after it. Mostly I’m just curious though, to what it can do for me and what it will be like. Maybe I could write a blog about it?

THE thing I’m most excited about is the vacation I booked a few weeks ago. Basically, what I will be doing this summer is tour 9 European cities in 22 days. I have bought myself and Interrail ticket and will visit Brussesl, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Venice, Vienna, Prague, Berlin and Kopenhagen. I already wrote an extensive blog post about it, so you can read all about it here if you want to know more about the trip. And that’s not the only trip I booked last month. In fact, as we speak I am in Frankfurt, visiting a friend who I haven’t seen in years. I’m thinking that is a good end to my month of May and a good start to my June.

What have you been up to this month?

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