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It seems as if budget brands are getting better and better at making good quality products. I remember when I was a teen and budget brands were a) not in abundance and b) usually C-R-A-P. I remember shelling out the money for a Bourjois eyeshadow when I was 15 (which I still have for memory’s sake) and thinking it was so much money for a reasonably good eyeshadow. Fast forward 15 odd years later and it seems as if budget friendly brands are trying to outdo one another in some insane race for better quality and affordable make up. I thought it would be nice to share with you my favorite budgetproof products. From nail polish to eyeshadow and face products: this is my top 10 under 10 (euros).

W7 (glitter) nail polish

One of my favorite budget nail polish brands is W7. I do not hear too much about this brand, and it is only available from my local super budget store. These nail polishes cost 2.50 a pop and for a glitter nail polish those swatches really aren’t too shabby wouldn’t you say? It’s the first brand that I have ever seen do a fully opaque glitter polish as well as some amazing sheerer finishes which make great top coats. I haven’t tried many of their color polishes, so I can’t vouch for those, but their glitters are amazing.

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair

The best concealer ever is UK brand Collection’s Lasting Perfection concealer. This works great on your under eye circles, comes in a good array of shades and costs less than 5 pounds. I will definitely repurchase this concealer over any of the MAC one’s that I’ve tried. Yes, it’s that good.

Famous Baked Bronze Bronze Pot in Miami

One of my favorite highlighters is this bronzer by Famous. Unfortunately Famous is no longer sold in UK drugstores, but I’m sure you could go on the hunt for this on Ebay. This bronzer is a dupe (so I’ve read) for MAC’s Soft and Gentle MSF and gives off the nicest shine. This cost me no more than a few pounds as well and it is my go to highlighter for summer.

Catrice Multi Colour blush in Strawberry Frappucino

My favorite light colored blush that gives off enough color to give you some subtle color and is almost void of sparkle is this one by Catrice. It’s got the cutest pink color and goes with almost any look you make. Especially nice when you go for heavy smokey eyes or a very bold lid. The cost? No more than 4 euros.

Catrice Eyebrow set

Another Catrice product and instant favorite once I got my hands on it: the Catrice Eyebrow set. Comes with two colors that are bang on (as in not too brown, not too orange and not too ashy) for blondes and brunettes. I also have an Anastasia brow kit and this product beats it by a mile when it comes to color, ease of use and color selection. It does only come in one color selection but really for around 4 euros, that is pretty decent right?

HEMA Moisturizing lipsticks

My favorite budget lipsticks are not by Catrice. No they are by Dutch brand HEMA. At only 3 euros a pop, their range of moisturizing lipsticks has a good selection of colors that are easy to wear, apply and last long enough. Especially considering the fact they are moisturizing lipsticks.

Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control powder

Can you tell by now what make up brand is my favorite budget make up brand? Yep that would be Catrice. Catrice is one of the only budget brands that was able to entice me to try their face products. This mattifying powder not only gets the job done, I like this as much as my much more expensive MAC powder. Retail price? Around 5 euros. Beat that MAC!

Covergirl eyeshadow in Tapestry Taupe

Another favorite product of mine is this single eyeshadow by Covergirl. Of course, you can only purchase this in the US, but it was pretty much the first thing I purchased when I was last there almost 2 years ago. Forget about the cheap looking packaging: it’s the product that matters. This shadow is buttery soft, the color is stunning and it’s a great every day product to just whack on when you have no time in the morning. Oh and did I mention it only costs a few bucks?

NYX Runway collection eyeshadow palette in Champagne and Caviar

Not sure whether this is still available but I love this little palette. It’s so convenient for travel with its large mirror and great selection of neutral shades. The colors are buildable, have a nice texture too and are versatile. This is hands down one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes in my collection and definitely a change from the obvious choice in this category (which would be Sleek I-Divine in case you’re wondering). I believe I paid 8.99 for this puppy. A bit on the high end of the 10 euro limit, but well worth it as you do get 10 stunning colors that include 2 great highlight colors and a matte dark brown and black.

Sleek blush

I already wrote a post about my love for my Sleek blushes a few weeks ago. And you should know that if I can write a full post just about one product, then I have to absolutely love it. And that I do. At around 5 pounds a pop, these blushes pack punch and color no matter which shade you pick. One good thing about Sleek is that they don’t just make your typical blush colors such as peaches as pinks, but also dare to make bright reds and oranges. Not only is it cheap, it’s also a fun and out of the box product.

What is your favorite drugstore and budget friendly make up item?

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  1. Ooh, I have to recommend Teeez Spectrum of Stars eye shadows. I am a bit of a makeup snob, but I recently bought one of these (smokey rose: a golden beige with a pink shift) and it is amaaaaaaazing! I reach for it more than for some of my fancy palettes. Bourjois cream blushes are also pretty fantastic.

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