Quick tip: nail polish steals at Kruidvat

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This is a quicky post with tips for all those Dutch nail polish lovers out there. Kruidvat has started selling a new brand, they are doing a discount that includes some new summery topcoats by L’Oreal and they are selling Catrice Luxury Lacquers at a discount. I found all this out yesterday, and offers may only be valid for a little while so I thought I would put this out there asap.

Here are the things I took home yesterday:

  • Sinful Colors in Cross my Heart
  • Catrice Luxury Lacquers Million Brilliance in Glitters are a Girl’s Best Friend
  • L’Oreal Color Riche top coats in: Splash Peach, Graffiti D’Amour, Oulala Blue, & Independence Day

So the biggest news is that Kruidvat has started selling Sinful Colors. I found a nail polish display in a totally random spot that wasn’t there last week. And I haven’t heard anyone talking about it yet either. I took home Cross my Heart, an orange-toned red from their current limited edition collection, to try out. At €1.99 a pop I think it’s a steal.

Secondly I found a discount display where I had already spotted some discounted Catrice Million Styles top coats (a LE from 2 years ago). But now, there were some of the polishes from the more current nail polish LE Luxury Lacquers (also by Catrice) mixed in with it. This one cost €2.50. They may not be available everywhere, but if you’d missed out on any of these, then it’s worth checking your local Kruidvat.

Last but not least, I had already spotted L’Oreal was doing some new top coats last week, but at €5.99 a piece, I thought it was a bit much to be spending 24 euros on some top coats. But now, Kruidvat is doing a buy 1 get 1 free deal on all L’Oreal products so that includes the nail polish. The top coat collection also includes a black & white speckle (which was released last year), and a green & black (but that looks like one of the Maybelline Color Show LEs from this past spring). I’ve only seen these top coats at Kruidvat so far and they sell the largest color selection at larger stores only. I didn’t find the peach, pink and blue one in the smaller store we have here. The red, white and blue one is more widely available as are the other two I described. And I can’t think of a better thing to use in a World Cup inspired nail look…

Had you already spotted any of these?

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  1. Jewel-Nails.nl Avatar

    Ooh die topcoats van L’oreal zijn leuk!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ja he?! En ik dacht: waarom staat hier nog niks over op andere blogs? Tenminste geen die ik volg.

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