10 ultimate make up products

If you were given the choice which 10 make up products you could use for the rest of your life, what would you answer? I was pondering this for a bit and came up with my 10 ultimate make up products. Not considering brands and specific products, but simply this is something I need, else my make up would simply not be complete. For the pictures I did use specific products, but those simply represent my current favorites in that category.

Sleek Au Naturel eyeshadow palette

1.) Neutral eyeshadow palette

One make up product I cannot get enough of, are neutral eyeshadow palettes. Neutral eyeshadows to begin with, but palettes specifically, as they will allow you to create so many different looks. When you have a neutral eyeshadow palette, you’ll have everything you need to make the most amazing eye look within minutes. From highlighting shades, to medium all over lid shades, deep crease shades and even potential eyeliner shades: it’s all there.

Catrice Eyebrow set

2.) Eyebrow powder

A good brow can make all the difference to your face. If your brows look crooked, too thing, too close or too wide set, it will heavily affect your overall appearance, so altering that a bit is necessary for almost anyone. My brows are quite quite wild and bushy, so you’d think I don’t need anything like this. However, I have a few odd gaps here and there and even though I do not alter the overall shape of my brows, I like filling them in and making them look more uniform.

Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder Lighter Skin

3.) Face powder

I don’t have the oiliest skin ever, but I do like to set my face make up with a powder. And if I buy a powder with a bit of color to it, like the one in the picture, I can get away with using foundation. But evening out my skin tone is something I still like to do, because I have some redness in the center of my face. So cancelling that out is a must. Plus I have to set my undereye concealer as I have some fine lines that have started to appear and it would only cause those lines to stand out more throughout the day if I didn’t.

Etos baked blush (LE)

4.) Blush

Despite having some redness, I am still super pale, so adding a bit of color to my cheeks instantly transforms me from looking ill to looking healthy and glowy. So yes, blush is definitely a must have product for me.

Hema eyebrow gel

5.) Eyebrow gel

I already mentioned having bushy brows. And something has to keep those baby in check. Clear eyebrow gel always does the trick.

Make Up Designory lipstick in lady bug

6.) Red lipstick

I don’t really care which red lipstick, but as long as I have a red lipstick in my make up collection I know I’ll be fine. I love the look of a good red lip. It goes with almost everything, especially with neutral eye looks, and instantly changes your look from meh to vampy. If I can then make it a longwearing color that requires little to no touch ups, you have in me a very happy camper.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

7.) Eyeshadow base

I have oily lids and so without an eyeshadow base my eye looks would not only crease like there is no tomorrow, they would also start sliding around and simply disappear by the end of the day. So this products is simply a must. My life changed when I discovered the existence of this stuff and I have never looked back.

L’Oreal False Lash Wings Butterfly Effect midnight blacks

8.) Mascara

Simple. Black. Mascara. To make my eye lashes look longer and fuller. Even if I wouldn’t be wearing eyeshadow, at least mascara is something I’ll wear. It instantly makes my small eyes look bigger and more open. In short: I need this stuff!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place eye pencil in Onyx & Coffee

9.) Eyeliner pencil

I swear by a good, creamy, longlasting eyeliner pencil. They’re quick and easy to use. I am not much of a winged liner person, but I do like adding a bit of definition to my eyes. Be it by tightlining my upper and lower lashlines, or by actually drawing a line above my lashes: it adds something to almost any eye look I do.

Catrice Camouflage Cream concealer in Ivory

10.) Concealer

Choosing a face product to use apart from powder, isn’t hard for me. I could easily forego foundation as long as I have some concealer to back me up. Even if I only use it on my undereye circles to brighten my face, it’s a must. It makes me look less tired and if need be I could use it all over my face instead of using a foundation. So a multitask product like concealer is always good to have.

What are your 10 ultimate make up products?

4 responses to “10 ultimate make up products”

  1. Mascara, oogschaduw , oogschaduwbasis, wenkbrauwgel, zwart potlood, bbcream, concealer, highlighter, blush en poeder

  2. Ah, mijn lijstje is iets anders. Met deze tien dingen kan ik op vakantie denk ik mijn drie meest gangbare looks maken (al neem ik altijd meer mee):

    1. Een glanzende cream oogschaduw of oogschaduwbasis (bijv. UD in Sin)
    2. Een donkere taupekleurige matte oogschaduw (voor crease en/of wenkbrauwen)
    3. Zwarte liquid liner
    4. Donkerbruin oogpotlood
    5. YSL Touche Éclat (voor highlighten ogen en gezicht)
    6. Olay 7-in1 serum
    7. MAC CC powder (in combinatie met bovenstaande vind ik foundation niet nodig)
    8. Zwarte mascara
    9. Roze of koraalkleurige lipstick (kan ook doorgaan voor blush)
    10. Een dieprode matte lipstick

    Hiermee kan ik in principe een flink aantal dag- en avondlooks maken. Dit zit dan ook standaard in mijn overnight tasje.

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