Montly favorites (June 2014)

Hello July & goodbye June! We have reached the half point of the year 2014 and what a year it’s been so far. And there is so much more to come in these next couple of months as well. The closest thing that is set to happen? My 30th birthday. Oh yes, next Sunday to be exact. Funny thing is, I really don’t feel like I’ll be hitting the big 3-0 already. But then again, I think that goes for almost anyone. Before we start looking at what’s ahead, let’s have a look at the month that was and what products I really liked during that time.

1.) Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

My newest and biggest purchase in some time is this white 8″ Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. I bought it mainly to use during my upcoming trip. I am looking to use it mostly as a multi-media device. So watching videos, tv series and movies, listening to music and as an e-reader. It comes with a reading mode, which is nice and I can’t wait to start using this to the fullest. It will also replace my phone as my main music listening device for on the go. I was using my phone (a Samsung Galaxy SII) for that, and since the phone is still in great condition, the music player has decided to have a mind of its own which is very annoying. Instead of getting a new phone, I decided to get myself a tablet as I find the size handier for using with Facebook, reading blogs and emails and any other things that I used to do on my phone. My phone is now simply a phone.

2.) The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Body Polish

Where a few weeks ago I wrote that I dislike TBS scrubs in my Items I Regret Buying post, I have quickly been coming back on that statement. At least when it comes to this vanilla body polish. +1 for the fact that it comes in a tube. + 2 for the fact that the scrubbing particles are just big enough but not scratchy. + 3 for the amazing smell. + 4 for the creamy texture. Too bad this product is only sold during Christmas time, but if they have it again at the end of this year, I’ll make sure to stock up.

3.) Pickwick Green Hammam tea with mint and eucalyptus

If you’ve been following me, you know that I love a good tea. My favorite brand is Twinings and one of my least favorites? Yep, Pickwick. But that changed when around Christmas time they released some specialty teas. I’ve become an instant fan of the green tea with mint and eucalyptus. It is not as good nor anywhere near a replacement of my discontinued favorite Twinings tea, but it’s the closest I’ve found. It’s very light and fresh, which is great for the summer time. And I think this will be great for drinking as an iced tea on super hot days too

4.) Catrice Re-Touch Light-reflection concealer in 001 Porcelain

Another instant favorite that I started using this month is this concealer by Catrice. I hadn’t heard much about this concealer, but when there was a buy 1 get 1 free discount at the drugstore I decided to randomly pick this up. It looks like the YSL Touche Éclat: it comes in a clicky tube with a brush through which the product is disposed. And when I apply this it is a) light enough, b) easy to blend and c) gives a slight highlighting effect. It’s got good coverage and I love using this on my under eye circles. A review is gonna go up in the future, for sure. I just need to repurchase a new one as the brush just looks gross after using it just once.

5.) Mortal Instruments City of Heavenly Fire

I finally, finally finished reading the Mortal Instruments series. A full review is coming soon, but I can already tell you that I really liked the last book in this series. It did take me some time to get through it (I started reading the series in March), as I had a hard time to keep myself interested in between the books. It is also not the most outstanding piece of literature out there, but it was a nice change after delving into American Psycho before this. I needed something light after that. And once I begin a series, I generally tend to want to finish it as well.

6.) Aussie Miracle Recharge Frizz Remedy lightweight conditioning spray

Just recently haircare brand Aussie came out with these conditioning sprays and the minute I heard of these I was intrigued. My hair can be super frizzy because it gets dry very easily and I am always looking for products that will help with that without weighing my hair down. This has that fantastic Aussie smell, and it does what it promises to do. I only use this when my hair needs it, it’s not an every day thing, but I like having it around for when I do. I was stuck between this one and the moisture version, but I think I’ll just try that next.

7.) New clothing hangers

One thing I did last month is update my wardrobe. I had a clothing rail that nearly fell over and just too much junk. So I decided to reorganize. I bought these hangers, which are super thing and covered in a velvet type of material to help against clothes sliding off. I now have all my summer dresses and all of my button down shirts hanging from these and it is saving so much space in my wardrobe. I immediately bought a few extra for when I have some newer stuff to add to my wardrobe.

8.) Nivea in shower body milk in cocoa

I am totally late on the bandwagon with this, but I just got myself an in shower body conditioner. It works super easy and afterwards I have no need to lather myself in body lotion or body butter. The smell of this stuff is amazing, it’s a very thick and creamy consistency and it does what it promises to do. It’s probably not thick enough for winter, but it works great for now.

9.) Xenos clear make up drawer set

Clear acrylic make up holders are all the rage, but I was never too interested. I had never found any that I deemed practical enough. But then I was at Xenos at the end of May and I found a great every day make up holder. At the same time I spotted this set of drawers, but I had no clue what to do with them, so I left them at the store. A few weeks later I realized that it would be a great way of storing my excess/ extra brushes in a dust free way. The bottom drawer has extra face brushes, the middle drawer has extra eyeshadow brushes and the top two drawers feature small kabuki brushes, sharpeners, tweezers and spare brow products.

10.) H&M maxi dress

I finally found a maxi dress that fits! I am exceptionally short (5″, or 1.56m) and thus maxi dresses are always a little too maxi on me. A maxi skirt can still be hoisted up a bit more if need be, but with a dress those things are harder. But then I found this basic maxi dress on the H&M website. I ordered it in a size extra small, because of the lenght and ta-dah it fits. I love it so much I also ordered this in black. It is from their Divided line and retails for €14.95

What was one of your favorite products this month?

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