Tuned up Thursday: Music ABC – F

For this weekly musical endeavor we head back to my random favorites in alphabetical order. We’re already at the letter F, which features some country songs (yes, I listen to country, there are some quite brilliant songs in that genre), a couple of indie gems and my favorite song by one of my favorite bands.

Fast Cars and Freedom – Rascal Flatts

I have a weak spot for country music. Rascal Flatts is one of my favorite bands. It’s a perfect mixture between country and a hint of pop. Their songs have amazing lyrics and it makes for great roadtripping music. Think driving down Route 66 with the windows down and the wind in your face, that sorta feeling.

Fisherman – The Peach Kings

One of my indie gems. This song is cute yet mysterious and a tad sensual. I love the lyrics, the catchy chorus & bridge and the vocals are great. Just a great little tune to sing along to whenever you feel like it.

Fix – Elbow

When I first bought their Elbom The Seldom Seen Kid, I instantly fell in love with Elbow. I bought the record based on the front cover, no kidding. I got my mom hooked as well and together we saw the band live a few years ago. By now I feel that their music sounds a bit same-y but I cannot help but count Elbow along some of my favorite bands. This is my favorite song by them.

Flux – Bloc Party

If you don’t know this song yet, I’d be very upset. Bloc Party was an instant hit on the indie scene with their debut album. Come their second album they became massive and lead single Flux showed a change towards a more electronic feel to their indie rock music. It’s a great fusion of the two genres and was a break through at the time. When I saw the band live in 2009 they were finicking around with their pedals a bit too much for the first half, but in the end it was still good. Weekend in the City remains one of my favorite albums till this day.

Further On Up the Road – Johnny Cash

To end this post, let’s finish up one of country music’s greatest artists: Johnny Cash aka the Man in Black. Johnny Cash was simply a genius and many of his songs are standards. The recordings he did later in life are all the more special and this is one of them. You can tell this is a man who’s been through his fair share of stuff, which gives the song all the more meaning. If you want to know more about Johnny Cash I suggest you watch Walk the Line with Joaquin Phoenix as Cash. Brilliant movie.

What are your favorite songs starting with the letter F?

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