Instagram pictures #4

It’s been a month since I last gave you a little peak into my personal life, so I thought it would be time to do that again. These pictures roughly span the months of May and June. I went to Frankfurt, watched the World Cup, listened to records, and had lots of yummy food. If you want to see these pictures as it happens, feel free to follow me on Instagram (@indiequeen84).

Quick manicure with a LE Catrice holographic nail polish and a metallic P2 polish

Home made sushi is my favorite food

I thought this plant was dead. After my mice onslaught in March,
this plant seemed to not have survived, but after a few weeks of lots of sunlight and plenty of water
I suddenly detected small bits of green. Hooray!

Blogging business:
I spent 3 days in June taking pictures for the blog

I walked home after going to the movies and took this shot

Dinner can sometimes be so easy: smoothie with fried eggs & sauteed veggies

Trying out the orange lip trend

Frankfurt was great. I had great food, met the cutest little dog and did some shopping

Summer = fruit salad

No this is not Rio, this is Best: I went to visit my parents in June.

The big make up brush clean had to happen again

World Championship nail art
I did a blog post on this look, but the finale is tonight, so let’s hope Holland made it
(yes, I wrote this blog post in advance)

I found papaya at my farmer’s market and decided to use it in a smoothie
along with some peaches and strawberries.

This church is around the corner from my house. I had never been inside.

I spent one dreary Saturday night listening to 45s.
There are some real gems in the collection my parents gave me a few years ago.

What have you been up to?

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