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Last Monday I showed you the purchases I made during my 22 day trip across Europe and back. I went to Italy and when in Italy, a make up loving gal like myself has to hit up Kiko. And hit it up I did. I already showed you a peek at the blush and eyeshadow I bought but I also got and eyeshadow pencil. Today I will be showing you the products in more detail, including swatches and a dramatic eyelook that I threw together for the fun of it. Enjoy!

Kiko Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette 101 Kiko Rock Attraction blush in 04 Pop Apricot Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow 05

Kiko Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette 101
Kiko Rock Attraction blush in 04 Pop Apricot
Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow 05

Kiko Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette 101

The first item in the store that caught my attention was their line of Color Fever Eyeshadow palettes. There are 4 in total and I picked up number 101. This palette has the most beautiful pinky/ purple/ cranberry shades. And when swatching them, some of the colors weren’t exactly what you’d expect from them in the pan. Oh no, they were far more gorgeous swatched than in the packaging.

The palette contains four eyeshadows. The lightest color, in the bottom left corner, looks like a soft rosy pink color in the pan. But swatched this color this shade is a stunning sheer rosy pink with a gold highlight. The second color, in the top left corner, appears to be a raspberry pink color, but this one too comes off slightly less dark and with a hint of golden sheen.

The final two shades on the right hand side of the palette, can best be described as a cranberry bordering on burgundy and a blackened plum. The top right shade definitely has a reddish undertone in the pan, as well as in the swatches. It has a slight pinky shimmer to in in the swatch which makes this shade all the more lovely. The blackened plum in the bottom right corner is a very rich and deep color. Great for crease work, as a liner or as an outer corner shadow.

Kiko Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette 101 swatch

As you can see these swatches are stunning, but not necessarily the colors as you see them in the pan. I swatched these on bare skin, without a primer or a base. All the shades are shimmery but not glittery and are great saturated colors that go on opaque and blend nicely. Only the highlight shade is on the sheer side, but or a highlight shade that is really no crime. I bought this palette for €12,50.

Kiko Rock Attraction blush in 04 Pop Apricot

The blush in no way matches the eyeshadows but is stunning nonetheless. I wasn’t impressed with Kiko’s other blushes, but the ones from their older limited edition collection (which also happened to be on sale) all looked great. What really sucked me in was the marvelous jeans inspired pattern. But also the bright apricot color got me in the end and made me pick this one over anything else in the store.

The blush appears to be a super bright peachy apricot tint in the pan. It is well pigmented but when you swatch it, the color goes on quite sheer. So there are no worries that this blush will make you look like a clown when you’re heavy-handed. In fact, I found this blush to be subtle and easy to blend, giving a sheen of color. It simply gives you an overall healthy look and the fact that it’s matte is a plus.

Kiko Rock Attraction blush in 04 Pop Apricot swatch

The swatch on my arm (again without a base or primer) makes the color seem a bit pinky peach. I think this is a very universal color which will look nice on plenty of different skin tones. I bought this blush for roughly €6,50.

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow 05

Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow 05 swatch

Sticks are in! After Chubby sticks, jumbo pencils and the like, more and more brands are putting out eyeshadows in stick form. And I have fallen in love. They are quick and easy to use, can be used as is, and make a great base for other eye make up. This one by Kiko has a really nice texture and a great, opaque color. At first I thought this was nothing but a standard bronze shade, but instead it gives off a very pretty rose gold color with a warm, brown undertone. It’s almost a bit mauvy. And thus perfect to layer under the eyeshadow quad… (I forgot how much this was, meh).

All swatches on a row, one more time…

And an eyelook I did with the eye products featured above.

Inner corner: rosy gold highlight
Eyelid: top left raspeberry color layered over the eyeshadow stick in 05Outer V & crease: bottom right blackened plum
Top of crease and blended on outer lower lashline: top right cranberry color
I used Bark from the Sleek Au Naturel palette to darken up the look and make it look less ‘post-crying bout’.
Eyeliner is by Pupa.

Full face: I kept things neutral on the blush and lips.
Blush: Illamasqua Naked Rose
Contour: Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil
Highlight: rosy gold highlight from eyeshadow palette
Lips: Rimmel Kate 08 (black packaging)

Which Kiko products have you tried, or would you like to try?

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