Perfect beach outfits

Summer time = beach time. I went to the beach last week and some of you may be going away to a sunny destination. I am not one for lying on a beach and bake in the hot sun, but I do like to hit up the beaches near my town a few times every summer. Since I don’t live around the corner from a beach (I have to take a bus to get there) going out in just my bikini is a no go. Here’s 5 outfits I’d wear over my swimwear for a day filled with sun, fun and sand.

Pink burn out cropped t-shirt with flamingo print (Mango)
White lacy shorts (H&M)
Palm tree print sunglasses (Primark)
Loafers (Primark)

My first option is a short – t-shirt combo. I love wearing these combinations to the beach as they are practical and make for fun combinations. When on the beach you can simply throw on the shirt when you’re going to get ice cream and it’s dressed up enough to go out to dinner afterwards. The shoes are easy to slip on and of when you want to walk around for a bit.

Taupe t-shirt dress (H&M)
Rainbow mirrored sunglasses (SIX)
Converse sneakers

If shorts are too much of a hassle for you, a t-shirt dress may be your best bet. H&M does these every year in different colors and they are cheap. They come with a handy chord to singe in your waist. These don’t need anything else except for a casual pair of sneakers and colored sunglasses to spice things up just a tad.

Tropical floral print dress (Forever 21)
Tan flats with cut outs (H&M)

Another dress option is to go with something more fun and bright. And when you’re going to the beach a tropical print dress with purple orchids, palm trees and pineapples is of course perfect. Nothing screams summer like a dress like this. All you need is a neutral pair of flats, a beach tote to swing over you shoulder and a refreshing drink and you’re good to go.

Grey maxi dress (H&M)
Floral kimono (H&M)
Black strappy sandals (Forever 21)

A perfect dress for beachy fun times is a maxi dress. This one has spaghetti straps so for evenings I paired it with this kimono (hello, summer trend!) to be a bit more covered up. The kimono can double as a bikini cover up when you’re walking along the beach and you don’t feel like wearing the dress.

Cream button down shirt (H&M trend)
Black maxi skirt with studded belt detail (H&M)
Black flats with bow (Primark)Straw hat (H&M)

This last outfit is a more dressy one in case you’re sipping cocktails at a beach club. The button down shirt is made from an airy material so you won’t be burning up and the hat will provide your face with some otherwise much needed shade. The picture doesn’t show it, but this maxi skirt is in face see through at the bottom so it adds a bit of a sexiness factor as well.

What do you wear to the beach?


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