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My smartphone isn’t the latest, snazzy, flashy model. I still have my trusty (and by now ancient) Samsung Galaxy S II. I’ve had this phone for 3 years now and I have no intention of getting a new one yet. It still works perfectly fine and looks in mint condition. The reason? Because I’m quite obsessive about making sure I keep my phone well protected against falls, scratches and other signs of wear. Over the past 3 years I’ve gotten into the habit of using phone cases and screen protectors religiously. And today I will be sharing with you the different cases I have and alternate with to keep my phone protected at all times.

1.) Red wallet case with stand

Let’s start with the newest one in the arsenal shall we? I was contacted by whether I was interested in a new phone case. When I spotted these wallet varieties I knew I wanted one. This is so handy when all you want to do is grab your phone, a few cards and your keys for a night on the town. There are occasions where a full blown purse is just a hassle. With a wallet case you can easily carry your ID and bank card in your pocket together with your phone and you don’t have a care in the world. If I were to go to a festival this year I’d know this case would most definitely come along. Check out for many more phone cases, I spotted so many cool ones. They even have faux book ones! I’ve been using this ever since it arrived and I’m really happy with it. Quality seems to be spot on and their prices aren’t sky high.

2.) The homemade crochet

My oldest ‘case’ is this pouch which I made myself. All you need is some yarn, a crochet needle and a button, et voilá! What I tend to do is use this as a cover up for when I put my phone in my bag along with other stuff. I will then also wrap my phone in a silicone case, just to make sure and that way I’ve been keeping my phone very safe from harm at all times.

3.) ‘Ducky’

Seriously though, how cute is this one? When I spotted this one on Ebay last year I knew I HAD to have it. I can no longer find the seller as the auction has expired, but I’m sure you can still find this if you search for a duck case. It’s a silicone case which is my usual weapon of choice. I love the rubbery feel of this one and it fits really nicely around the phone. It doesn’t seem to have stretched out and it never had that very obvious plastic smell. Overall this may be my favorite out of the bunch.

4.) Pink pearl jelly silicone case

This is a very sturdy case. It has the tightest fit, is made of a tough material and I just fell in love with the baby pink color. You can’t really see it in this picture, but up close it has some tiny silver specks scattered around the case. I used this a lot before I bought ‘Ducky’. For a silicone case this is one tough cookie to crack. I dropped my phone several times when this was on it and often I’d think: oh that’s it, but nope! It still worked and there were no cracks. Oh and I got this on Ebay too.

5.) Pink dot silicone case

The final case was also an Ebay purchase and even though this is made of a nice material and stayed on well etc etc I never really used this much. For a while I alternated between no. 4 and this one, but I never got the hang of this one it seems. Maybe it’s because the print on the back is no more than some type of sticker, or the fact that the sides started to discolor after a while, but this one would have to be my least favorite. I guess that’s what happens when you purchase items through Ebay though: you never know exactly what you’re going to get.

What phone case are you using?

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