What I Eat #18

A person’s gotta eat! And that’s just what I did over the past 6 weeks or so since I did my last What I Eat blog post. I went on vacation in between, so I didn’t do much cooking and I didn’t take pictures of all of the meals I had while I was away either. So this is a not so picture heavy What I Eat as usual. However, I did have some good things. Some of them on vacation, some of them at home.

Spelt bread with pepedew spread, cucumber & a green smoothie

I have been craving bread these past couple of weeks. So I caved when I found some spelt bread at my local and renewed Albert Heijn. I bought some pepedew spread from a stall on my farmer’s market and this made for a very delicious combo for a few days.

Thai food: some dish with duck, oyster sauce, tons of veggies and cashew nuts.

In Prague there were so many Thai food places. They were affordable and everywhere so my first night there I ordered this delicious dish with a pina colada on the side. Because you know, it was vacation and all that.

Smoothie feature papaya

I don’t remember exactly what went inside this smoothie, but I remember it being at least papaya and maybe also some strawberries? Not sure. It was very sweet and fruity. Papaya is one of my new favorite fruits and great for the occasional summer fruit treat.

Guess where I ate this plate of food? In Vienna, Austria! Wurst, sauerkraut und kartoffln. Yummy,but of course not the healthiest. Oh well. I’m all for trying local cuisine.

Fruit salad with blueberries, strawberries, kiwi fruit, papaya and white peaches

Best summer food: fruit salad! Just chuck together whatever you have lying about and you’re good to go.

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheese and a dollop of mayonaise

Making use of leftovers. My favorite way is to make some sort of eggy dish. Just scramble them and add some veggies and you’re good to go. If you have any cheese, be it goat’s, cow’s or cream cheese, lying about, add that too for a creamy and yummy dish. When using mushrooms douse them with a bit of thyme. It’s sets off the mushrooms quite nicely.

Salad feat. cucumber, tomatoes, pine nuts, mini gurkins, black olives & feta cheese

Salads are still some of my favorites to eat, but it being vacation I tend to not go through the fresh ingredients quickly enough. So I’ve been going with (homemade) jam on rice cakes or goat’s cheese on chestnut meal crackers for lunch instead. As I’m starting work again tomorrow, I’m sure to bring back a refreshing salad in my daily meals. Getting in plenty of veggies before the day is halfway through is a good resolution not?

Curried chicken on a bed of greens with mango and cashew nuts

All I can say about this yumminess is: recipe is coming soon!

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with superfood mix, nuts and strawberries

My typical breakfast is still very typical and doesn’t change much. If there is one food I cannot live without it’d have to be Greek yoghurt.

Burrito from Chipotle

I didn’t opt for fastfood much while on vacation, but when I found a Chipotle in Paris I just had to. The last time I had a burrito from this fastfood Mexican place was 2008 in NYC. And the first time I ever had it was when I was an exchange student in the US almost 10 years ago. Ah! The memories!

Porridge with berries and cocoa nibs

Another typical breakfast is porridge. For those days you need something a bit more filling.

Burgers with fries and a peach bramble cocktail

I had burgers twice during my trip and both times they were absolutely delicious. These fries were the best I had all vacation. This was in Barcelona btw in a surfer’s cafe type place near the beach.

Melted brie salad with apple

First night of my trip I had this amazing salad (which didn’t photograph very well, I’m sorry) in Brussels. The place was great as well: a Jugendstil decor place and the salad was absolutely amazing.

Overnight oats with banana & peach

Another: I need something more than average type breakfast. Overnight oats are easier than porridge but about as filling. Paired with some fresh fruit it makes for a great nutritious breakfast.

Grilled chicken with ovenroasted veggies

Last but not least is this dish and you may have seen this already. I posted the recipe on this blog a little over two weeks ago. You can find this easy recipe here.

What’s your favorite meal in this list?

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