Tuned up Thursday: Songs of the Week #5

So much music, so little time! Because of my vacation earlier this summer, I wasn’t able to keep up with all the new music bits that had been coming out. So during summer break I did just that: get my hands on more new things, sort through my indie playlists and find new gems to share on here. I ended up with so many songs that I decided to split it up into two different posts. Today will be part 1 and features songs that stand out to me, but aren’t cool enough to be entitled my favorite music picks of the month, yet they are close. Next week will feature part 2 and that’s the cream of the pie, the cherry on top, the best of the best that’s been released between late spring and the end of July. But let’s listen to these 10 excellent runner ups for now.

Alt-J – Hunger Of The Pine

The makers of one of my favorite albums of 2012 are BACK! Alt-J will be releasing their second album on September 19th and I’m excited already. Their first single and teaser for the album is this song, featuring a sample of none other than Miley Cyrus. However it still features that smooth, minimal and eclectic style of Alt-J. There are 2 more songs that have been leaked in anticipation for the album, and if it is as great as it promises and I hope it to be, beware that come September/ October I’ll be fangirling majorly over this.

Arthur Beatrice – Singles

Unfortunately no good quality audio of this can be found on Youtube, but I’m slowly falling in love with Arthur Beatrice’s music. This song (and their overall style) is a mixture of pop with electro and bit of rock. The songs are mostly very suave and smooth and easy to listen to, yet the vocal add a bit extra to it. A level of dreaminess, of uncertainty and pain. All in one. Sublime!

Ghost Beach – Close Enough (Feat. Noosa)

How to describe this? A little bit of dub, a bit of pop, a bit of new wave, a bit of chillwave and you get a strangely cool mix of sounds and thus a really cool song. I don’t know what else to say about this, just click play and listen.

Holy Child – Everytime I Fall

Female vocal harmony group with a cool edge. A slow beat drives forward the song, but starts acoustic at first. It’s cute, but has a mean set of claws that will sink themselves into your skin and not let go.

Kelis – Forever Be

Kelis, you know, the ‘milkshake girl’, is back with a new album that really surprised me. I don’t like all the songs on there, but definitely a handful of them are worth checking out. This one in particular stands out. The new Kelis is more soul and less R&B, and I find the vocals on all the song to be powerful. A true artist.

Little Comets – Salt

I love a good drum section in any song and this definitely qualifies! It’s a very sad song though. Give the lyrics a good listen and you’ll get why.

MØ – Say You’ll Be There

On to something a bit lighter: a Spice Girls cover! Because, no matter what you think of their music, some of these songs are actually pretty good. And that’s proven by this perfect cover. And it’s perfect because I spent about 3 days wondering what song it was. It sounded so familiar, yet so different, like a completely new song and those to me are the best covers.

Tame Impala – Stranger In Moscow (MJ Cover)

Tame Impala, the psychedelic rockers from Australia, are back with their rendition of Stranger in Moscow, originally by Michael Jackson. Yep, another cover. Because it is just so much more dreamy and sad and melancholic and just… blissfully beautiful.

Twin Shadow – To The Top

Is it 70s/ 80s rock a la Journey? No! It’s indie musician Twin Shadow that made a track that puts stadium rock back on the agenda. But with a new and fresh twist, a hint of gospel and a tad less overpowering than the originals.

Wolf Alice – 90 Mile Beach

The first song in this list that has a bit of a folky rock vibe. It’s still dreamy though. I’m having a thing for that lately, maybe because it’s summer? In any case, just hit play and let yourself drift along with the sounds.

What music have you been enjoying?

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