Tuned up Thursday: Music of the Moment (August 2014)

Are you ready? Ready for the pick of the mix, the highlights of my musical month? Because boy, did I find some gems to share with you again. Last week I shared 10 of my summer’s runner ups, and today it’s time for the motherload. These are the songs that I listened to on repeat and will continue to listen to in months to come.

Jungle – Time

First of all, the video. Oh man, I love a good dance video when I see one. So that already gives this song an advantage. But then there’s the actual song itself: catchy, fun, and easy to dance to. It puts an instant smile on my face and I can’t stop listening to it. I actually bought their album and this song immediately stood out to me. If I had to pick one song of the summer, it would be this one.

Ark Patrol – Tokyo

On to my usual serving of loopy chillwave. You knew this was about to happen if you’ve been following my music posts. The song is laid back, chilled out and fun.

Austra – Habitat

For those of you that wished Florence and the Machine to make an electro record, this is for you. Low thumping beats and hypnotic vocals, that’s what this song (and all their other songs I’ve heard) is all about.

Ben Khan – Savage

Another electro heavy song, but this time with an interesting melody line and eerily related to the current news situation. Still the tune is brilliant.

Broke For Free – Add And

Jazzy, funky tune, infused with loopy beats and a hint of hiphop? I have no other way to describe this track, other than that it’s a well done instrumental that makes you hear different things every time you hear it.

Coasts – Golden City

Time for a more band like approach. Catchy chorus, the line “I left my heart in London” and a rocky indie pop vibe that makes you wish summer wasn’t over yet. Instead this song calls for a festival on wet grassy fields. The guitar riff at the end is also pretty sweet.

Grimes – Go Feat. Blood Diamonds

So youtube has nothing but a trailer for this song and a handful of live videos. The video is coming, so you should be able to listen to a full studio version soon. In any case, this is a cool pop track with a few Major Lazer inspired disrupted beats and ethereal vocals. It’s an interesting mix and if you haven’t heard of Grimes before this will be a great way to get familiar with one of the biggest names in indie music.

Night Panther – Mountain

Had to get a soundcloud for this one, because it’s not on youtube. It also comes with a free download! So get that baby while you can. This is just a really fun poppy electro track that should put a smile on everyone’s face.

PHOX – 1936

Time to slow things down with something more acoustic and singer/ songwriter. If you like folky pop songs with good lyrics and great vocals I highly recommend giving this a listen.

Pixel Fix – Lungs

Great indie band with a great song whose intro makes you expect something completely different from what you get. Think a more laidback version of Bombay Bicycle Club with a bit of Foals mixed in, and still it sounds completely fresh.

Rhodes – Sway

I just love this song. This is my favorite thing to listen to on late nights or early mornings. Maybe it’s a coincidence then that the EP this song is from is called Morning? This song is smooth and soothing and definitely falls into the singer/ songwriter category.

SBTRKT – NEW DORP. NEW YORK. (ft. Ezra Koenig)

This song came on my radar because of some music thing I’m following on Facebook. In case you don’t know, Ezra Koenig is the lead singer of Vampire Weekend. And this song is ehm, strange, but I LOVE it. It’s got a really interesting rhythm pattern and sounds that don’t even really sound like music but somehow fit right into the song.

Slow Magic – Girls

A bit of chill. A bit of beat. A bit more upbeat than your average chill song and what do you get? This fun and easy to listen to loopy wonderfulness. One album I’m still eyeing up that has come out in recent months, and it’s all based on this one song.

Vacationer – In The Grass

Do you need songs that sum up your summer in one song? Vacationer is where you have to be at. With a name like that, what else would you expect? This song in particular makes we want to pack a picknick and sit, yep, in the grass. Oh and it just makes me happy.

ZHU – Faded (ODESZA Remix)

I found the original of this song on my indie playlist, but then I found this remix (by Odesza who can do no wrong in my book) on youtube and MAN! It’s better than the original. It’s literally the best of the actual song and the vibe Odesza adds to any song they make or remix. Just lovely chilled out beats and dreamy soundscapes galore.

I hope you enjoyed these tunes
If you have any favorite songs then please share them below.
I love finding out what other people are listening to.

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