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When I was in Germany over the summer, I already found a preview of the new fall/ winter collection from Catrice. You can find the items I picked up earlier here. By now, the new range of products have launched officially and I ended up picking up a few more items. And just for the fun of it, I am also throwing in 2 items I bought from their latest Metallure Limited Edition collection, which I picked up at the same time.

Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow in 110 Underworld Evobluetion
Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow in 100 What do you Sea?
Catrice Metallure LE Marbled eyeshadow in C03 Metallicious

I was in luck when I saw the display. Almost everything that was new and that I was interested in was still there. And my luck was even greater because the limited edition line was virtually untouched as well. I decided to take home 2 of the new liquid metal eyeshadow shades and a marbled eyeshadow from the limited edition line. As well as an eye pencil, and two nail polishes, one of which was limited edition too. All items cost less than €5 a piece, so it was very affordable. Yet, Catrice is becoming more and more expensive, which is a shame.

Catrice Kohl Kajal in 190 Cleopetrol

The first item I picked up was this petrol blue eye liner pencil. You can see the swatch for this below. Over spring I purchased to of these in a minty green and a pretty lilac shade and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these. They are very rich and creamy pencils and I love a good pencil from time to time. So when I spotted this dark teal color I decided that there is no such thing as too many eyeliners and I took it home.

When it comes to the eyeshadows I was really impressed by them. There were a few new shades in the Liquid Metal line. And that is one of my favorite eyeshadow lines ever. The shadows are super shimmer, and very well pigmented, so I had high expectations when I bought these. Both the greeny What do you Sea?, but especially Underworld Evobluetion blew me away. The pigmentation is awesome, the colors gorgeous and just spot on.

The Metallure eyeshadow surprised me. I didn’t know what to expect when I saw these. So when I swatched it and saw that it was the prettiest, shiniest and opaque rosy gold color I knew I had to take it home. It make not look like much on the swatch, but this thing is so shimmery that half of the shadow disappears in the picture below due to its reflectiveness.

Catrice Kohl Kajal in 190 Cleopetrol
Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow in 100 What do you Sea?
Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow in 110 Underworld Evobluetion
Catrice Metallure LE Marbled eyeshadow in C03 Metallicious

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Million Brilliance 04 Lost ‘N Roses
Catrice Metallure LE nail lacquer in C03 Metalight

Apart from eyes, I of course couldn’t pass up nails. I didn’t find too many interesting new things there as I had also bought two polishes in Germany already. I went with the pretty and very glittery Lost ‘N Roses: a pretty rosy pink full on glitter that is almost opaque in two coats. Finally, I also got my hands on a rose gold metallic polish from the Metallure collection. It’s a bit streaky, but then again, many metallic colors are. It is a gorgeous true rose gold though and it looks very flattering on. And I already photographed it as part of a NOTD, so you’ll be seeing this on my nails some time in the future.

What have you bought from the new Catrice line?

P.S. In case you didn’t know yet, Catrice is expanding its selection in quite a number of stores in the Netherlands. My bigger Kruidvat already implemented the expansion and it is looking gorgeous. Many of the new products had already sold out, but I’m sure I’ll be shopping some more new things when it has been restocked. The expanded Catrice range is rolled out in selected stores and should be done by the end of October.

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