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It’s time for another personal post again. And today I will be giving you a peek into my life by showing you a few pictures from my Instagram from the past 3 months or so. I’m not a very fervant photo taker and especially now that I’ve gone back to work I have little time to take pictures of my daily life. But nevertheless, I have managed to select a few pictures that are worth sharing another time. Watch me as I go back to the gym, go to the beach for a nice summer’s day and go shopping with my mom.

Over summer I went back to the gym to add on to my work out routine. For the past 6 weeks I’ve been adding some weight training to my work out and I decided I was going to need a music player to accompany me during the not so inspiring exercises. When I visited my parents my dad told me he had something for me and gave me his old 2GB Ipod Nano. So far I’ve already had 3 fights with Itunes but I got it to work and I’ve been enjoying my music from this lightweight player ever since. I bought the pink ear buds from HEMA.

I played around with some make up during my vacation. This is one of the looks I came up with. More close ups and clearer pictures are coming up in a future blog post.

A visit to my parents is incomplete without a picture of their dog Takkie. Here she is sleeping soundly in her bed.

We had some great days this summer with lots of sunshine. Just before the weather turned I took a trip to the beach. It was quite possibly the windiest day of the year, but it was very enjoyable nevertheless. I did get a free scrub though. I took a book, some snacks and water infused with cucumber from my fridge to keep me entertained.

Right after my summer vacation I celebrated my birthday for some friends. My kitchen looked like this the next morning. I made a pasta salad, fruit punch, homemade iced tea, and I baked a cake. The weather was amazing and good times were to be had till late at night.

One thing on my summer to do list was to reorganize my bookcases. I cleared away books and redid everything around Christmas time. Already, my shelves looked clogged and little space was left for new acquisitions. So one day, I took all of my books down from my shelves and reorganized them completely. And yes, by color. An updated bookcase tour is coming up in October!

First week back at work and the Dutch railways treated me to free popsicles.

Dior Fall 2014 limited edition eyeshadow palette in Trafalgar

Sorting through my nail polish collection. I gave 37 bottles to my friend and her 5-year-old daughter who LOVES nail polish.

Chilling in the park sorting through new music

I went shopping with my mom in Breda during one of the last weeks of my summer vacation. We mostly shopped fall appropriate items. Let me know if you’d like to see me do a shoplog of some of the things I picked up there and since then.

The perfect day off? A cheat meal with cheese/ onion sandwiches and steak of tartar and the Elle style bible.

Rain clouds over Holland. Taken from the train.

More make up trials. This one is for the next installment  of the 30 Day Make Up Challenge!

I froze some fresh watermelon, and chucked it in a blender with a touch of honey for a cold and sweet treat.

What was your summer like?

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