Personal update #7

It’s been a while since I last updated you on my life. I haven’t written anything since July! I was simply so busy getting back to work and getting my life back on track that I didn’t have much inspiration for a personal update post. I also had quite a few things that I was still trying to sort out and that I needed to finalize before I would write anything about it on here. By now, I’m ready to give you an update on what I’ve been up to and what I will be doing in the next few months.

Overall I had a very chilled and relax summer. After I returned from my trip, I took some time to meet up with friends and family and I went shopping with my mom. The result of which you can see if you scroll down to Friday’s post. Mostly I spent my days at home, sometimes going to a park or beach to read and I took out a ton of time to find new music. I reorganized my bookcases, watched some cool TV series and before I knew it, summer was over and I was ready to head back to work.

As I said, I have been busy getting life back on track. I started work again halfway through August and in case you didn’t know, I switched jobs. I now work in Breda, which means I commute by train for almost 3 hours every day. By now I’m still getting used to the longer days and traveling to and from work, but I know that that is just a matter of time. I already arranged to have as few 8.30 AM starts as possible with the roster maker, because my train doesn’t run until past 7 AM which means either catching a train much much earlier so I can be on time, or showing up 10 minutes late to class. I haven’t been very lucky with the trains so far. Every week there have been major delays that ensured me to get to work 45 mins to an hour later than I should have.

Another area of my life that is slowly but surely getting back into gear are my meals, my work outs and my social life. Not that I hadn’t been working on it, but I needed to tweak things a bit and push myself a little bit more. I have now figured out a way to make sure I have regular, healthy meals again that are wheat free. Over summer I added in weightlifting in my work out and am currently on a schedule of 1 spinning class, 1 body balance class, 1 dance class and one round of weights a week. I hope to add one more aerobics type class by the end of October/ early November which will mean I have picked up my old work out schedule.

My social life is right back on track again as well. I celebrated my birthday for my family, attended my family’s yearly reunion and have had some fun lunch and dinner appointments with several of my friends. To top things off, I have planned to go to several concerts in the next few months to come. I saw Future Islands on Friday and will be seeing London Grammar, Ed Sheeran, Bombay Bicycle Club and Jungle in October, November and December. I haven’t made any plans yet for next year, but I’m pretty sure I will be doing that pretty soon.

The most exciting thing happening in the near future is another trip to London. I had found out about a few exhibitions I would love to see and when I checked for plain tickets and hotels at the end of August, I found some good deals. So I booked! I will be in London at the end of October and am planning to go see a Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the Museum of London and a photography exhibit at the V&A. Other plans for London include to do some shopping and finally take some dance classes at Pineapple dance studios. Who knows, what I’ll do, but I’ll make sure to write a report once I return.

What have you been up to?

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