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In my recent beauty haul I showed you a couple of lip products I picked up from drugstore brand Catrice. I took home a lip smoother and two lipsticks. I’ve been trying them out and today I will briefly review all three products.

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother 030 Cake Pop
Catrice Ultimate Stay lipstick 120 Looks Like Coral
Catrice Velvet Lip Color Check & Tweed LE C01 Queen’s BEAUTea Time

In case you don’t remember, I purchased a Beautifying Lip Smoother in 030 Cake Pop, an Ultimate Stay lipstick in 120 Looks Like Coral and a Velvet Lip Color from the limited edition Check & Tweed line in C01 Queen’s BEAUTea Time. All three are fairly different products, with different textures, finishes and looks. Below you can find close ups of all three products, as well as swatches, lip swatches and I’ll show two full face as well. I don’t remember the exact price of these, but they were all 5 euros or under.

Beautifying Lip Smoother in 030 Cake Pop

The first product is a lip balm which Catrice promises will even out lines and give a natural, but glossy finish. I picked out this pinky shade as my lips are naturally quite pink already. I thought this would match best with my natural lip color. It comes in a tube packaging and an interesting applicator. The texture of this product is a little bit sticky and glossy. The color is quite transparent, but it does say what it promises to do.

As you can see the applicator is a fluffy, sponge type applicator. When you squeeze the tube, the product is dispensed through the tip and you simply glide this over your lips to apply the product. The applicator looks a bit gross already after first use, but then again, I would not recommend using this on anyone but yourself anyway. It’s not the most hygienic packaging.

Ultimate Stay lipstick in 120 Looks Like Coral

The extended range includes a brand new line of lipsticks: the Ultimate Stay lipsticks. I picked up one in a pretty pinky coral shade to try out the formula. And oh my! I want them ALL!! The texture of this lipstick is amazing. Catrice promises a satin-matt finish that is highly pigmented and long lasting. I don’t find this any longer lasting than the regular Ultimate Color line, but the line features some stunning colors.

This pinky coral shade instantly caught my eye, but the line also features some pretty nudes and mauves and some stunning eye catching reds. You can see a bit of shimmer in the lipstick tube itself, but overall this must be my favorite of the three. I also think this color is the most flattering on me.

Velvet Lip Color in C01 Queen’s BEAUTea Time (Check & Tweed LE)

The Check & Tweed LE kind of came and went without too much attention from the online beauty community. But people are missing out on a stunning new lip product. The Velvet lip color is the most matte out of the three and though named a tea color, the color itself has nothing to do with tea at all. It is a pretty peachy lip color that applies evenly and feels nice on the lips.

The only problem I have with this product is its packaging. I’m scared to death this thing will break as it’s so thin. Also, I nick the top every time I try to stick the lid back onto it. So it’s not faff free, but it’s still a stunning color nonetheless, as you can see below.

Beautifying Lip Smoother in 030 Cake Pop
Ultimate Stay lipstick in 120 Looks Like Coral
Velvet Lip Color in C01 Queen’s BEAUTea Time (Check & Tweed LE)

As you can see, these lip colors are all stunning. I like how Cake Pop has a hint of pink. Looks Like Coral is a very pinky coral which is my favorite type of coral to be honest. And Queen’s BEAUTea Time is a gorgeous peachy color with a lot of orange to it. The latter two shades are very well pigmented and go on opaque in one sweep across the lips. Time to show what these babies look like on:

Lip swatches:
Beautifying Lip Smoother in 030 Cake Pop
Ultimate Stay lipstick in 120 Looks Like Coral
Velvet Lip Color in C01 Queen’s BEAUTea Time (Check & Tweed LE)

As you can see, Cake Pop is very natural looking. It enhances my natural lip color perfectly and great for a no make up look. Looks Like Coral is my favorite shade. It’s a very fresh looking shade. Queen’s BEAUTea Time is a lot warmer, but I like the texture of this lipstick: a very velvety smooth texture which is less shiny than the Ultimate Stay formula.

Full face

Finally two full face pictures. Since Cake Pop doesn’t add much additional color to my face, I decided to not include a full face picture. The other two lipsticks each have their pros on my face. Queen’s BEAUTea Time goes perfectly with warm toned make up looks, wherease Looks Like Coral is a great companion for cool toned looks.

I hope it’s clear that I am very satisfied with these purchases. With the newly added Ultimate Stay line Catrice is doing something that most drugstore brands have yet to dabble in: semi-matte lip colors. And in some stunning colors at that! The Velvet lip color is great too and it’s a shame this formula isn’t part of the regular range and available in more colors. The Beautifying Lip Smoother is a nice addition to the line and a must have product if you’re into ‘my lips but better’ products.

Have you tried any of the new Catrice lip products yet?

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      Dank je 🙂

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