Work day meals

This summer I started a new job, which is about 1.5 hours away from my house. By now, I’m making longer days and thus I need to make sure I eat enough and enough good things to keep me going throughout the day. Today I’ll be showing you what I eat on a work day, from breakfast to the moment I get home. I excluded dinner from this as I change it up every day as much as I can.


Kiwi fruit & carrot juice

Seeds soaked overnight with dried fruit & nuts

My breakfast consists of two parts. I first have a kiwi fruit and half a glass of carrot juice. I cannot have too much food straight out of bed and working further from home, means an earlier start. 6 AM wake up calls are now more norm than exception. I do find it important to put something in my stomach before I leave the house so I start with something light. Every night, I put some assorted seeds, cocoa nibs and bee pollen in a container with some yoghurt and water which I soak overnight. In the morning I add a few table spoons of dried fruit and nuts for some crunch and flavor. I have this on the train during my commute and I drink a big mug of green tea with it.


Tuna salad with assorted lettuce, sprouts, mini onions & ghurkins

Somewhere between noon and 1 PM, it’s lunch time. Because of my two phase breakfast, I don’t get hungry until now and so it’s perfect to have lunch. I usually have salads which I switch up every week. One week I have tuna, another it’s salmon, chicken or cheese. I usually have fish though. I simply like it better. Then I add in an assortment of veggies which again changes weekly. I try to make colorful combinations and eat it straight from my mason jar. It’s leak free and thus makes for the best salad container ever. I don’t eat salad all the time. A few times I’ve taken left over dinner or egg muffins with me for lunch as well.


Rice cakes with peanut butter

Banana, cucumber, tomatoes

Since lunch is early in the afternoon and I’m not usually home before 7 PM, I need some food in between lunch and dinner to keep me going and to steer clear of cravings while I’m at the railway station (i.e. the trap of death called temptation). Between 3 and 4 PM I’ll have one or two rice cakes with peanut butter. Occasionally I take some jam with me, but it’s a bit messy. As it’s easier to carry along a few small scoops of peanut butter, I prefer taking that. At the same time I eat some veggies as well. My aim is to have something veggie related with every meal. So I usually have cucumber, tomatoes or carrots along with my rice cake.

Around 5 PM I leave work and I have a 1.5 hour journey ahead of me. A journey which takes me through two different train stations and seeing and smelling the food that everyone else is eating. Since it’s around dinner time, cravings are eminent. I take a banana with me to curb those cravings. By the end of the day, my body screams for something sweet and a banana is a snack bomb filled with goodness as well as my much needed end-of-the-day sugar boost.

By eating these foods, I get everything I need throughout the day and get home ready for dinner. It took me a few weeks to get to this routine. I was having some dates on the train back home. They did provide me with something sweet but not enough fibers to keep me going. I never got actually hungry but a few times I got home feeling lightheaded and dizzy. I replaced them by the rice cake and have those a bit earlier to give myself a bit of a carb boost halfway through the day. And it works!

What do you eat throughout the day?

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    • I’m trying my best. Ik heb ook van die dagen dat lunchen er bij in lijkt te schieten maar ik neem ergens tussen 12 en 13 wel even een momentje om te lunchen. Zo niet, dan word ik erg chagerijnig en dat komt niemand ten goede. Mezelf niet en mijn studenten niet!

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